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India’s $10K Cardiac Bypass: Truly Heartfelt Savings

A cardiac bypass operation in India costs less than $10,000, versus over $100,000 in western countries. India boasts two of the world’s top ten medical tourism hospitals.


Chiropractic is a complementary or alternative medical procedure that was developed in the1890s by D.D. Palmer. It is believed that defects in the neuro-musculo-skeletal system (or spine) causes all heath problems. Chiropractors diagnose, treat and help patients prevent such disorders in the musculo-skeletal system. It is a drug-free and surgery-less medical approach that is mainly used to cure backaches, neck pain, joint-pain and headaches.

Chiropractors perform chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulations on patients by applying pressure on various joints and parts of the body. This joint and spine manipulation technique causes very little to no discomfort and additional exercises are often suggested to improve the results. Apart from adjustments, chiropractors also give advice on the diet, eating habits and lifestyle of the patient. Although it is popular, this profession is highly controversial.

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    • Preparing your surgery
      • Risks / Complications / Side effects
        • After your surgery

          Featured Chiropractic Providers Abroad

          Normah Medical Specialist Centre

          Kuching, Malaysia

          Accreditation: JCI

          Languages: English, Malayu

          Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC) was officially opened in August 1988. It is the first and is currently the largest purpose built private medical centre in the State of Sarawak. Owned by Sarawa...

          Mitera Hospital

          Athens, Greece

          Accreditation: ISO 9001

          Languages: English, Greek

          The birth of a child is a unique and priceless experience.

          Preparing for, and most importantly, taking care of a new life poses a major challenge for Medical Science.


          Sanno Hospital

          Tokyo, Japan

          Languages: English, Japanese

          Warm-hearted and High-level Medecal Service
          Sanno Hospital has been a leading private hospital with a welcoming atmosphere and trusted, heartfelt care since its foundation in 1937. It is your k...

          UCSF Medical Center

          California, United States

          Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian

          UCSF Medical Center is recognized throughout the world for innovative patient care, advanced technology and pioneering research. We are one of the nation's top 10 hospitals, according to an annual sur...

          Hospital Moinhos de Vento

          Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

          Accreditation: JCI

          Languages: English, Portuguese

          Hospital Moinhos de Vento was founded in 1927, which means 81 years of tradition, quality and excellence in processes and services.

          Our Institution is nationally and internationally rec...
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