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Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) has launched the very first system of assessment that judges medical centres in 10 key areas directly affecting a health tourist’s well-being. 

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Clinics

Restoring form and function, plastic surgery is a medical field that comprises cosmetic enhancements, reconstructive surgery and treatment of burns. Every year, millions opt to undergo procedures at cosmetic plastic surgery centers to restore confidence and vitality. Surgical and non-surgical procedures address specific patient needs and involve advanced, cutting-edge techniques that deliver better outcomes and shorter recovery times. Cosmetic plastic surgery clinics have a robust medical technology infrastructure, medical staff with English language fluency, and the best plastic surgeons from the country attending to you. A cosmetic plastic surgeon can meet different requirements, ranging from a simple liposuction to breast lift, scar repair and blepharoplasty (eyelid reshaping).

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Clinics by Destinations

Featured Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Clinics Abroad

Dr.V Cosmetic Surgical Rejuvenation

Phuket, Thailand

Languages: Thai, English, German

Dr.V Cosmetic is one of Thailand's leading providers of cosmetic plastic surgery and treatments with many years of an excellent reputation. We provide a complete range of cosmetic, surgical procedures...

PAI (Preecha Aesthetic Institute)

Bangkok, Thailand

Languages: Thai, English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese

More than two decades of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery practicing in Thailand, Dr.Preecha has dedicated for research and researching to utilize the efficient and effectiveness in leading-edged te...

JK Plastic Surgery Center

Seoul, South Korea

Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Specialized for aesthetic plastic surgeries, JK is one of the largest plastic surgery centers in Korea in its scale and number of clinical cases. It is the very first clinic accredited by Korean gover...

D´Corpus International

Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Languages: English, Spanish

A company specialized in the integral offering of Plastic surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive treatments of the highest quality, residing in the city of Cali Colombia, led by Dr. Belman Galvis Maldon...

Doctor Saran Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Bangkok, Thailand

Languages: Thai, English

At Doctor Saran, we are dedicated to offering you the best plastic and cosmetic surgeon care in Thailand, the cosmetic surgery capital of the world. Our plastic surgeons are the some of the most well ...
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