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Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad Costs Just 30-50% of That in the U.S.

Knee replacement surgery costs $34,000 at U.S. hospitals, but only $19,200 in Singapore, $11,500 in Thailand;and just $9,500 in Costa Rica. Medical tourism gets you feeling better for way less.

Medical Tourism Agencies

If you are looking for overseas medical travel you could consider taking the help of a medical tourism agency. A medical company will take care of the hard work for you. They are also known as medical tourism facilitators.

The agency will search out the best global healthcare available and provide support throughout the leg of the medical tour. Many medical tourism agencies have certifications that can reinforce the patient's trust in the capabilities of the agency.

The medical tourism agency will arrange your air tickets, visas, transport, accommodation and sometimes food and leisure activities. This means you don't have to worry about anything and you can concentrate on getting treated and recovering. The patient still has to perform due diligence and check the hospital, the doctors and the costs before they commit to the agency. This will ensure the medical tourist knows what he or she is getting into.

Medical Tourism Agencies by Destinations

Featured Medical Tourism Agencies Abroad

Beauty Med Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Languages: English, Chinese, Korean

Beauty Med Thailand prides itself on strict adherence to the highest ethical standards and excellent patient care.  Depending upon the type o...


Cocle, Panama

Languages: English, Spanish

International-Triage saves lives and money by enabling, and managing, access to medical treatment outside of the patient’s country of residence. Our goal is to deliver services at an average of ...

International Medical Getaways

Phuket, Thailand

International Medical Getaways helps clients with medical needs to plan and schedule very safe and affordable medical treatments in Phuket or Bangkok. We are dedicated to helping you get the most su...


Illinois, United States

Languages: English

MedRetreat was created to fill a very important void in the U.S. and Canadian healthcare systems...access to affordable and timely health care. Our main goal is to provide a safe, affordable, and time...

Brazileza International

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Languages: English, Portuguese

Brazileza International was created to give people access to the highest quality cosmetic surgery, without having to pay the highest prices. That is, of course, with a Brazilian twist.

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