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India’s $10K Cardiac Bypass: Truly Heartfelt Savings

A cardiac bypass operation in India costs less than $10,000, versus over $100,000 in western countries. India boasts two of the world’s top ten medical tourism hospitals.

Home Detox South Africa (Cape Town, South Africa)

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  • Llandudno Road
  • Llandudno
  • +27 21 300 1817

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Home Detox South Africa Introduction


At Home Detox South Africa we have a team of specialist Doctors, Nurses and Counsellors waiting to help. All of our staff specialise in addiction and understand what you are going through. We opened this service after realising not everybody wants to go to a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

Here at HDSA we pride ourselves on being different. We believe that our approach to recovery is not only effective but also as comfortable as possible. We strongly believe in a holistic approach to recovery. Our abstinence based program has been designed through years of research into recovery and what we believe works.

We are passionate about working with our clients closely and personally seeing them recover and stay recovered. We have designed our entire ethos around what we believe is the most effective program and not only do we deliver the program we live it.

Our team all have personal experience with addiction along with a wealth of knowledge about recovery. Our team includes some of the best Therapists in the industry and we have personally visited almost every rehabilitation centre in the UK & South Africa along with many across the world in order to find the best treatments available. Through doing this we have been able to produce a personalised program that combines the best elements of treatment and offer a comprehensive recovery package based on this.

Language Support:

English, Afrikaans

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