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Oftalmestet Clinic (Bucharest, Romania)

Contact Information

  • Calea Serban Voda nr.35A
  • Sector 4
  • +40 21 322 8245, +40 75 513 9177
  • +40 21 322 8245
  • Mon - Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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ISO 9001

Oftalmestet Clinic Introduction


In December 2008 we started the construction of a clinic at the companys headquarters, replacing the old building that belonged to the Schmitzer family since 1878, positioned on one of the oldest streets in Bucharest, the former “Bridge of Beilicului” – currently “Calea Serban Voda”. In this house was born in 1904 and lived Prof. Gheorghe Schmitzer, MD PhD, who founded the radiology clinic in the Coltea Hospital and formed many generations of radiologists. In his memory, the OFTALMESTET clinic and DR. SCHMITZER foundation were established and the old architecture of the late 19th century house was kept on the ground floor of the clinic. Upper floors were designed by modern architectural standards, colored in dark gray, in order to highlight the old white facade.

The new practice has facilities for eye examinations, waiting room, paraclinical examination, optical shop and surgery room. All rooms have been designed according to EC regulations regarding surfaces, sanitary facilities for disabeled persons. All surgical procedures are videoregistered with the latest equipment.

The quality of services and the special ambiance created within the clinic are the strengths that OFTALMESTET counts on. The patients enjoy a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. To make a connection between the old and new construction, part of the interior space is furnished in Louis XV style, with paintings by Flemish School of the XVIIth century, while the other side, connected to the first one through a lighted glass floor, is modernly furnished, balancing and harmonizing the five basic elements of Feng Shui – fire, water, earth, wood and metal in a beneficial space for patients. Combining marble and granite, ornamental plants, stainless steel, glass, wood, relaxing music, oriental flavors and the murmur of water, we managed to create a special atmosphere, unusual in a medical clinic.

The OFTALMESTET clinic offers the full range of ophthalmological consultations, paraclinic exams and over 20 types of different surgeries. Dr. Speranta Schmitzer is the first doctor in Romania that obtained from the Ministry of Health competence regarding oculo-plastic surgery. She is also the only doctor in Romania who performed more than 5,000 of such operations.

Language Support:

English, Romanian

Awards & Accreditations:


- ISO 9001

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