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Your Healthcare Holiday Dollars go Farther in Thailand

Medical costs in the West are skyrocketing and patients are flocking to Asia to save, particularly to Thailand where outlays for treatment are generally five to ten times less than what they’d be in the US and Europe.

West Coast Surrogacy (California, United States)

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  • 6 Venture, Suite 395, Irvine
  • Orange County
  • +1 949 861 4100, +1 877 492 7411

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West Coast Surrogacy Introduction


Welcome to West Coast Surrogacy, an all-inclusive surrogate agency located in Southern California. Working with couples and surrogates nationwide, WCS uses a team-oriented approach that encompasses the highest level of integrity, support, and compassion. It is our pledge to guide you through every step of this life-changing process, acting as both a resource for information and an unparalleled support system.

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Payment Options:


Services & Rate:

Gestational Surrogate Compensation
- Base Fee for first time surrogate - CA Surrogates (paid in monthly installments of $2,800.00 per month commencing 1st month after fetal heartbeat) $28,000.00
- Base Fee for first time surrogate - All other States (paid in monthly installments of $2,600.00 per month commencing 1st month after fetal heartbeat) $26,000.00
- Paid upon completion and passing of testing/screening process $500.00
- IVF Embryo Transfer Fee (upon completion of embryo transfer) $1,000.00
- Confirmation of pregnancy $500.00
- Confirmation of 1st fetal heart beat $500.00
- Maternity clothing allowance (paid at approx 16 weeks gestation)  $750.00
- Monthly miscellaneous allowance (once matched, surrogate is compensated $200 per month for misc. expenses for approximately 12 months) 
- Monthly allowance while attending support group (mileage/babysitting expenses) ($75 per month, approximately 12 months) $900.00
- Housekeeping ($150 paid monthly throughout pregnancy upon confirmation of 2nd fetal heartbeat, ending 30 days post partum) $1500.00
- Multiples Fee – Twin pregnancy $5,000.00
- Multiples Fee – Triplet pregnancy $10,000.00

Other Surrogate Fees that May Apply
- Mock Cycle during testing phase $300.00
- Cancelled Cycle $300.00
- Invasive procedure: Amniocentesis, CVS, Cerclage, D&C, Fetal Reduction $500.00
- Termination of Pregnancy $1500.00
- Loss of Tube and/or ovary $1500.00
- Ectopic pregnancy $1,000.00
- Cesarean Section $2,000.00
- Hysterectomy (loss of uterus up to 90 days post partum) $6,000.00

Screening Costs
- Psychological Screening – surrogate, spouse, and intended parents $1,000.00
- Criminal Background Investigation – surrogate and spouse $126.00 - $402.00
- Criminal Background Investigation – intended parents $126.00 - $402.00

Legal Fees
- Drafting of Gestational Surrogacy Contract for Intended Parents $1,500 - 2,750.00
- Review Gestational Surrogacy Contract on behalf of Surrogate $750.00
- Establish Parentage $2,500.00 - 3550.00
- Trust Account Management $850.00 - 1,000.00

Psychological Support
- Monthly surrogate support group meeting in addition to 90 minutes of phone/email support each month for Surrogate and Intended Parents, phone support pre & post embryo transfer, post pregnancy test, and post partum $2,500.00

Other Costs Paid by Intended Parents
- Insurance verification of private health insurance policy (as needed) $ 75.00
- Term Life Insurance Policy of $250,000 for surrogate (approximate cost) $ 300.00
- Surrogate’s medical insurance monthly premiums (approximate cost if using her own insurance) $ 5,400.00
- Hotel and travel arrangements for surrogate during embryo transfer and physician mandated bed rest (approximate costs may vary) $1,500.00
- Surrogate’s compensation for lost wages if surrogate is employed in the event of physician ordered rest (costs will vary)
- Medications for surrogate during IVF process and pregnancy (costs will vary)
- Professional Fees to your IVF physician for embryo transfer cycle (costs will vary)
- Monitoring for surrogate if she lives outside the area of your IVF physician (costs will vary)

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