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There's a 7 Out Of 10 Chance You Will Get The Best Medical Care In Asia

The MTQUA explored medical tourism hospitals by high-quality care and patient safety. With these criteria, they put together a 2013 list of top 10 medical tourism hospitals in the world-- and 7 of them were in Asia!

Theptarin Hospital (Bangkok, Thailand)

Contact Information

  • 3850 Rama 4 Road
  • Sukhumvit
  • +662 348 7000
  • +662 249 8774
  • 24 Hrs.

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ISO 9001

Theptarin Hospital Introduction


Theptarin Hospital was founded by Prof. Thep Himathongkam, MD, FACP, FACE with the goal to create a model for holistic treatment of diabetes in Thailand. The model emphasized the empowerment of people with diabetes to care for themselves as the most effective treatment of diabetes requires round the clock monitoring.

In 1985 “Theptarin Diabetes and Thyroid Center” opened its door on Rama 4 Road to serve as a clinic specialized in diabetes and thyroid with 8 beds for overnight stay.  There were 3 objectives including excellence in service, education for both medical personnel and people with diabetes, and research. Thailand’s first diabetes care team was born here. At the time, the “team” included an endocrinologist, a nurse to educate people with diabetes, and a dietitian to give knowledge regarding nutrition.

In 1992, Theptarin expanded into Theptarin Hospital with 80 beds, and open for service 24 hours. The diabetes care team also grew.  Presently, the team has members from various branches in healthcare such as foot care specialists and exercise specialists. Theptarin also acquired skills and equipment to provide novel services such as distal bypass surgery and hyperbaric medicine and opened Thailand’s first foot clinic to provide foot care services specializing in diabetic foot wound care and prevention.

In 2005, when results from various studies revealed that diabetes is a preventable condition, Theptarin opened “Lifestyle Building” to promote the prevention of diabetes and related chronic diseases.  Accordingly, our services moved beyond just preventing complications and disabilities from diabetes to preventing the development of diabetes itself through healthy living and behavior modification, especially in exercise and dietary habits. Believing in “Lifestyle for Disease Prevention, ”Theptarin opened MEDE Health Solution Club and Weight Management Clinic to care for patients as well as encourage the general public to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with the goal of maximizing one’s quality of life.

What makes Theptarin different from other private hospitals is our public mind, focusing on creating quality medical personnel to care for people with diabetes and to raise awareness and educate the general public. Not only is our personnel invited as guest speakers at various events, Theptarin also serves as a training center for students and personnel from other healthcare institutes domestically as well as internationally. The government has given us trust to train its staff country-wide in running behavior modification activities.  In 2011, the World Diabetes Foundation (Denmark) appointed Theptarin to be one of its excellence centers to provide training for medical personnel in Southeast Asia region.  Furthermore, Theptarin campaigns to raise awareness about the risks associated with developing diabetes for early detection and timely risk reduction in order to achieve prevention or to prolong the onset of the disease.

In addition to being the leader in diabetes treatment and prevention, Theptarin is also Thailand’s first thyroid center that provides complete diagnosis and treatments and acts as a transfer center for both domestic and international patients.

Highlight Treatment:

Endocrine disorders (diabetes, diabetic foot ulcers, thyroid disease)

Language Support:

English, Thai

No. of Doctor: 72

Awards & Accreditations:


- ISO 9001

Honors / Awards:

Aventis Distinguished Diabetes Service Award (individual and team categories)
BUPA Blue Cross Clinical Excellence Award

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