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Luoyang Orthopedic-Traumatological Hospital (Luoyang, China)

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  • 82 South Road
  • Qiming
  • +86 379 6355 2222
  • +86 379 6354 6511
  • 24 hour emergency

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Luoyang Orthopedic-Traumatological Hospital Introduction


Luoyang Orthopedic-Traumatological Hospitalis a 217-year-old Guo Traumatology Pingle developed on the basis of a set of medical, teaching, research and production in one of the three Class A provincial Chinese medical institutions. 1956 built homes, established in 1959, Luoyang Orthopedics and Traumatology Institute (renamed in 2006 in Henan Province and Traumatology Institute).

Now is the Orthopedics Specialist Medical Centre, the national focus on Chinese Medicine (Special disease) construction unit, the state key disciplines (medicine Traumatology) building units, the orthopedic physician training bases, national post-doctoral research station, the National Clinical Drug Research base, the National Tissue Engineering Center, sub-centers in Henan, Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Luoyang Orthopedics and Traumatology. "Ping Guo Le Orthopedics Law" in 2008, selected Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection list, and the Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang peony, Luoyang, and the water I called "Luoyang four no", the interpretation of the history of Luoyang Orthopedics legendary TV series "Big Country Hospital" May 2009 has been broadcast on CCTV-8.

Hospital beds  include to East, White Horse Temple, Zhengzhou Hospital , covering nearly 500 acres, 1159 employees working people, open bed 1150, the annual capacity of 18 million outpatient visits, the hospital has 1.8 million foreign patients people; implementation of the two Sub-division system, is equipped with neck, shoulder, low back pain subjects, subjects such as bone and joint disease in 38 clinical departments, imaging centers, medical testing centers, five medical departments and biochemistry, biomechanics and other basic experiment 8 room; equipped with the first ECT-CT Henan image fusion system, 1.5T MRI, DR, CR, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic ELISA analysis systems and other large specialist diagnostic equipment; with traditional medicines, equipment manufacturing enterprises - Luoyang in Henan Province are pharmaceutical, Henan Province, Luoyang is instrumentarija and national magazine "CHINESE MEDICINE" editorial.

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