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Cheng Hsin Hospital (Taipei, Taiwan)

Contact Information

  • No.45, Cheng Hsin St.,
  • Pai-Tou
  • +88 62 2826 4400 8024
  • +88 62 2826 4526
  • 24 Hour Emergency

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Cheng Hsin Hospital Introduction


A consistent pursuit at Cheng Hsin Hospital is to establish an excellent professional medical team, as we are convinced that only through such tenacity and encouragement can we create a high-quality medical service with which everyone can live a healthy and peaceful life. 

Looking at the organization and development of the Center, we always place a premium on humane, quality medical services. 

We now have a professional medical team and the integral medical infrastructure to meet the medical demands of all people.

In the process of developing a medical team, we will never compromise and have our own unique high standards with respect to medical services, but also in a commitment to establish a comprehensive, multifunctional hospital, with an emphasis on the functional characteristics necessary to operate a hospital of distinction.

The Center attaches importance to having a sown-to-earth approach with a professional medical team.

We modestly boast outstanding achievements in famous areas and seek continuous professional development of the medical center to meet the demends of the community.

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English, Chinese

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