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Brazil Gets Credit For Helping Start Medical Tourism

Brazil originally opened up medical options for patients outside of the US! In 1999, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein was the first outside of the US to be accredited by JCI.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (Guangzhou, China)

Contact Information

  • NO.42 Lianquan Road
  • Tianhe
  • +86 020 2222 1111 3333
  • +86 020 2283 0688
  • 24 hour emergency

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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Introduction


Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a comprehensive modern hospital specializing in oncotherapy and operating under the auspices of the Chinese government and Ministry of Health. The rapid development of China has attracted attention from all over the world.  Chinese medical treatment has been one of the beneficiaries of this development, with Modern Hospital Guangzhou as a model 21st century health care facility.

The Tumor Consultant Center in Modern Hospital is composed of outstanding cancer specialists who share their expertise through group consultations. This team approach to treatment ensures that every patient benefits from a comprehensive effective therapeutic regimen designed not by a single physician but rather by the finest doctors in their field.

The Tumor Consultant Center in Modern Hospital provides patients with the most advanced tumor treatment facilities and equipment.  This allows the hospital to utilize a new therapeutic model of "minimally invasive energy accumulation target and traditional Chinese and western combined medication."  This therapeutic approach is safer than traditional therapeutic models.  It more directly and effectively destroys tumors while being less harmful to the body. The superior cancer treatment afforded patients at Modern Hospital has attracted membership in the Europe China Commercial Union (ECCU) and the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Director Unit.

With top medical experts and advanced medical treatment techniques, Modern Hospital provides unsurpassed oncotherapy and welcomes patients and their accompanying relatives from all over the world.  It is committed to maximizing the prospects for recovery and restoring patients to good health as safely and as quickly as possible.

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Cancer Treatments (Oncology)

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English, Chinese

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