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Malaysia a Mecca for Medical Tourists!

Drawing most of its patients from the rapidly developing economies of India, China and Indonesia, Malaysia’s health tourism increased by 15% in 2013. 

Beacon International Specialist Centre (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

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  • No. 1, Jalan 215, Section 51, Off Jalan Templer
  • all area in Petaling Jaya
  • +603 7620 7979
  • +603 7620 7929

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Beacon International Specialist Centre Introduction


Situated in the comfortable neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya, Beacon Hospital began its operations in the third quarter of 2005 as a boutique medical centre in Malaysia. Today, we host a 26-bed inpatient facility, complete with a daycare ward, as well as preventive health screening facilities. However, our medical centre’s focus is still on providing the highest quality patient care, diagnostic services, and up-to-date medical technology. Our staff are all trained with the necessary skills to care for and to put you at ease ensuring that your stay at our medical centre is made as pleasant as possible.

We are deeply committed to cancer treatment and have equipped ourselves with the latest in medical technology (See: Facilities & Equipments). Our medical centre has a team of highly-trained and respectable specialists that keep abreast with the latest in medical developments and is at hand to provide accurate and reliable diagnosis for cancer treatment.

In our mission to become the leading medical centre in Malaysia, we have partnered with other hospitals and foreign agents to continuously invest in new technologies. We believe that the increased availability of these technologies will not only benefit Malaysians, but also help make medical tourism a reality in Malaysia.

We approach our patients with respect and empathy, understanding that cancer treatment can be stressful for both patients and their families. To meet the need for options, Beacon Hospital is currently the only medical centre in Malaysia providing the CyberKnife® Treatment – a painless, non-invasive, precisely-targeted form of radiosurgery for inoperable tumours or diseases previously thought untreatable.

Aside from that, we believe in preventive health care, and have invested millions in various health screening facilities. We’ve also tailored a number of health screening packages to suit every need. These services provide early and accurate diagnosis of cancerous tumours or tumour symptoms, allowing for more successful treatment if necessary.

We have achieved ISO 9001:2008 status and GMP status.

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