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Your looks, your teeth, and your heart affect you on a daily basis, and that is why medical tourists are traveling abroad to fix these things. For medical tourism, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and cardiovascular treatments ranked highest in popularity!

Atos Welness (Singapore, Singapore)

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  • No.1 Tannery road, #09-01 / 03, One tannery, Singapore
  • Tannery road
  • +65 628 93000

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Atos Welness Introduction


Founded in 1983, The Atos Welnes has been renowned for its avant-grade approach to new technologies and therapies and for 28 years, its innovation in creating treatments is unique and proprietary. The pride of Atos is its synergistic blend and range of the best in technology, therapies and products from UK, US, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and India.

Atos specializes in the management of spas and wellness centres in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia and Europe. We provide a very wide range of services which includes facials, body treatments and wellness services for both the east and the west. Our philosophy is to assist the individual towards bringing the body into balance, thus creating harmony from within. With this, the body is able to heal itself, naturally.

Atos believe in projecting the need for harmony within one's environment as well. This is seen in a bold, unprecedented move towards environmental- friendly skincare products that are totally paraben and chemical free. The Atos brand endorses a holistic approach to wellness that integrates the best of East and West, modern and traditional therapies which are fused innovatively with state-of-the-art technology that brings the body, mind and spirit into balance.

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