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India’s $10K Cardiac Bypass: Truly Heartfelt Savings

A cardiac bypass operation in India costs less than $10,000, versus over $100,000 in western countries. India boasts two of the world’s top ten medical tourism hospitals.

Turkey Medical Tourism

Turkey, a fascinating country that is at the crossroads of East and West, once home to some of the earth’s greatest empires. Turkey straddles Europe and Asia, between modern and traditional, combining influences from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Central Asia. A young population of 75 million people, Turkey is a modernizing country that offers visitors a breathtaking array of historical ruins, amazing coastlines, bazaars, churches and mosques. 

Turkey is now also recognized as a rising medical tourism center. Turkish hospitality
and friendliness is well deserved, and now combined with easily accessible high quality
medical treatment at economical prices, Turkey is a rising star on the global medical tourism scene. Medical tourists can benefit from the wide variety of healthcare options with high standings in international accreditations with 48 medical institutions in 2013 that have been accredited by Joint-Commission International (JCI), one of the highest in the world.

During the last 10 years, Turkey has proceeded with unprecedented change of healthcare development with its Health Transformation program. The health sector has advanced rapidly offering high quality, fast and affordable health services serving over 270,000 foreign patients in 2012, with an increase in international patients every year.

Turkey Medical Tourism | Medical Tourism Turkey | Turkey Health Care System

Why Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey offers patients and tourists great hospitality, fantastic scenery and now world-class healthcare at affordable rates. Healthcare transformation in Turkey has brought about dramatic change not only to Turkey’s healthcare landscape, but also the attention of doctors and patients from different countries. Turkey in recent years has begun to compete with countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hungary fo... Read More

Healthcare System and Quality in Turkey

Turkey is now considered as one of the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world because of its easily accessible location, high quality medical care and affordable prices. In the past, Turkey had a fragmented health system. Starting in 2003, Turkey launched an ambitious program called the Health Transformation Program (HTP) designed to transform its healthcare landscape and has done so with some impressive results... Read More

Turkey Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

Turkey’s competitive prices, high technology and capable health professionals is making inroads in the global medical tourism market with the government making consistent efforts to attract more medical tourists within its borders for treatment. A medical visa does exists regarding medical travel to Turkey, individuals considering traveling to Turkey for medical treatment need to apply for medical visa before coming... Read More

Popular Destinations for Medical Tourism in Turkey

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Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in Turkey

Elit Dental Clinic

Aydin, Turkey

Languages: English, Turkish

Elit Dental Clinic (Elite in english) has a state-ul art atmosphere which you can fell yourself in a professional and globally known dental office. Our clinic has patients from all over the world.

Anadolu Medical Center

Kocaeli, Turkey

Accreditation: ISO 9001, JCI, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Languages: English, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Arabic

Anadolu Medical Center is sheltered by the Anadolu Foundation and it is characterized by two major aspects : its non-profit status and its unique affiliation with the world praised Johns Hopkins Medic...

Ankara Guven Hospital

Ankara, Turkey

Accreditation: ISO 9001, JCI

Languages: English, Turkish

Ankara Güven Hospital was established in 1974 to provide world-class healthcare services and continue to serve its patients by combining the requirements of modern medicine with many years of exp...

Cankaya Hospital

Ankara, Turkey

Accreditation: JCI

Languages: English, Turkish

Çankaya Hospital offers qualified medical assistance with the latest advances in technology. Çankaya Hospital’s mission is to provide an international, qualified, flexible and pers...

Acibadem Kadikoy Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

Accreditation: JCI

Languages: English, Turkish

Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital, the first hospital of Acıbadem Healthcare Group, opened for service in 1991. In order to meet the rising patient demand, the hospital was renovated in 1998 and 2008. Wi...
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