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India Welcomes Medical Tourists with New Visa

India’s new M-type visas is good news for medical tourists. The visas are valid for a full year and are issued to accompanying companions and family members.

Panama Medical Tourism

Panama is a narrow isthmus made famous from being the site of the world’s most spectacular shortcut, linking the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled between Colombia and Costa Rica, Panama offers visitors the chance to discover beautiful and diverse landscapes, from the urban jungle of Central America’s most cosmopolitan city to lush tropical rainforests, forested highlands to tropical islands and white sand beaches. Previously colonized by the Spanish, Panama has a mixture of cultural influences including traditions of indigenous people, American influence stemming from the canal and Spanish heritage.

Panama has been experiencing strong economic growth and now with a canal expansion underway, subway construction in its capital Panama City, Panama is poised for great things ahead and that also includes its promising medical tourism capability. Panama now is one of a number of countries exploring medical tourism as promising industry. 

Medical tourism is starting to make inroads in Panama due to its skilled healthcare professionals, increases in the quality of health care, competitive prices combined with its unique tourism potential. Panama boasts several state-of-the-art hospitals, many of which are associated with renowned institutions in the US, such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital which ranked the best hospital in the United States and the number one ranked hospital in five specialties.

Panama Medical Tourism | Medical Tourism Panama | Panama Health Care System

Why Medical Tourism in Panama

Panama offers visitors a lush, tropical landscape bordering the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines and now excellent health services with cost savings anywhere from 40 to 70 percent lower than costs of similar treatments in the United States. Panama is one of a number of countries including Thailand, Costa Rica, Hungary, that are similarly benefiting from medical tourism as patients seek more affordable treatment options ab... Read More

Healthcare System and Quality in Panama

Healthcare in Panama is provided by both public institutions and the private sector. Panama’s health system is composed of three systems including National Health Care, a free or very low cost system for the poor, a Social Security system that provides healthcare that employers and employees contribute into and the Private System used by many middle, upper class Panamanians and medical tourists. Read More

Panama Visa Requirements for Medical Tourists

Panama has become a contender in Latin America for patients seeking high quality medical treatment at affordable prices. Located in Central America, it is conveniently located in close proximity to the US, and offers significantly price savings for medical procedures just south of the US border. Many spas and resorts make it quite conducive for the recovery process after surgery, allow visitors to combine their medical pr... Read More

Popular Destinations for Medical Tourism in Panama

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Featured Medical Providers and Healthcare Centers in Panama

Dental & Esthetic

Chiriquí, Panama

Languages: English, Spanish

Dr Miriam Rodriquez welcomes you to her clinic in David, Panama. 

Known locally as the singing Dentist, she is one of the most popular dentists in David and caters to locals and ne...


Cocle, Panama

Languages: English, Spanish

International-Triage saves lives and money by enabling, and managing, access to medical treatment outside of the patient’s country of residence. Our goal is to deliver services at an average of ...

San Fernando Hospital

Panama City, Panama

Accreditation: JCI

Languages: English, Spanish

San Fernando Hospital is the first private hospital in the Republic of Panama, offering quality medical services to the community, founded in 1949.

With over 60 years of experience, rec...

Balboa Dental Clinic

Panama City, Panama

Languages: English, Spanish

Established in 1971 by Dr. Randall Robertson, the Balboa Dental Clinic serves all the dental needs of the Panamanian and American community in the old Canal Zone. Our highly educated and caring profes...

Hospital Punta Pacifica

Panama City, Panama

Accreditation: JCI

Languages: English, Spanish

Hospital Punta Pacifica is the first in Latin America and the Caribbean to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Doctors and surgeons are leaders in their respective specialties, th...
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