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Why Medical Tourism in Cuba

A spectacularly beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean, Cuba is one of the countries that have the natural abundance of sun, sea and sand, besides warm hospitality and great food. This is the reason for its popularity among travelers, making tourism one of the biggest industries in the country. People from North American countries, South American countries, European countries and other Caribbean islands flock to Cuba in large numbers to enjoy its serenity. 

Cuba in many ways has not received enough attention as a medical tourism destination, although it has been attracting medical tourists for a long time due to the excellent quality of doctors and the effective healthcare system. Currently, one of the main sources of income for the country is international medical services, for which doctors and medical personnel are sent to other countries based on trade agreements. 

Key strengths of Cuba for medical tourism 

- World renowned doctors with experience and expertise
- The government’s push to the medical tourism industry
- The existence of a well-organized healthcare system
- A climate that is suitable for recovery and relaxation
- Affordable medical treatments and procedures

Why should you consider Cuba for your healthcare needs?

There are many reasons that have led to the uniqueness of Cuba as a preferred medical tourism destination and that make it stand apart amidst the competition. 

1. Excellent quality of doctors

Cuba for long has been internationally recognized for the excellent quality of its doctors, many of whom even travel to foreign countries like Venezuela and the USA to man their healthcare systems. Higher education in the country is absolutely free and doctors here receive a high degree of training and work experience. They are abreast with the latest developments in the medical field and also contribute significantly towards medical research.

2. Quality of hospitals

Many hospitals in the Cuban healthcare system besides being ISO certified boast of comprehensive facilities and advanced infrastructure. There are many hospitals that have rooms that are specially dedicated for medical tourists. They provide uncompromised medical attention within medical institutions that have a great atmosphere.

3. Affordable medical and health services

Hospitals and clinics in Cuba offer medical and health services at a fraction of the cost in some countries, sometimes the difference being as high as 60 to 80 percent. []. Treatments here are of superior quality and are administered with utmost attention and care. For example, breast enlargement or augmentation surgery in Cuba is available for approximately $1,300 while the same costs $6,000 - $10,000 in the USA.

4. Favorably located for easy accessibility

Cuba is located in the Caribbean region between the two continents of North and South America, besides being very close to the European continent. Traveling to the country from most locations in these continents only takes just a few hours by flight. This gives medical tourists an option of receiving immediate medical care without having to travel across half the world to other popular medical tourism destinations in Asia.

5. Servimed as organizer for international clients

Servimed, owned by the government, is an organization that organizes medical travel for medical tourists to Cuba. This is the only government aided medical tourism agency and its responsibility is to make sure that appropriate services, doctors at reasonable costs are found for people traveling to the country.

6. Tropical climate to aid recuperation

Cuba is located just south of the Tropic of Cancer and experiences tropical climate throughout the year. The abundant sunshine and pleasant sea breeze help patients recuperate faster, especially after surgeries. The climate is suitable even for people who are looking for a de-stressing opportunity to improve general well-being.

7. Specialized medical services

The medical infrastructure of the country boasts of the most technologically advanced equipment and set up that makes it possible for the qualified doctors here to provide specialized medical services and procedures like retinitis pigmentosa, dental care, cosmetic/plastic surgery , orthopedics, neurology, skin care (dermatology) and many more.

8. Availability of rehabilitation centers

Cuba is a well-known destination for reahabilitation from drugs and alcohol in addition to motor skills rehabilitation after major accidents and surgeries. Some of the best doctors provide services at these well equipped centers that are also a haven for people who are seeking anonymity and peace of mind. The serene setup, warm climate and beauty of the place makes the therapeutic processes more effective and helps people in disengaging from destructive habits.

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