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Expertise Makes Taiwan a Favored Fertility Tourism Destination

Expertise Makes Taiwan a Favored Fertility Tourism Destination



There are several reasons why Taiwan is such a well-regarded fertility tourism destination by patients from all over the world.  For one, the modernized Taiwan healthcare system includes numerous top-class infertility centers that provide all the key procedures that are prevalent in Western clinics.

So each year, scores of couples who are hoping to start families – but who face complications conceiving naturally – choose from the array of fertility treatments in Taiwan.  And what they experience are high levels of success and, usually, cost savings too.

One of the country’s foremost centers of excellence is the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) in Taipei.  Its Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialists which includes geneticists who are expert in cutting-edge techniques like pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

PGD is a way for doctors to check whether certain genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, Beta-thalassemia, and sickle cell anemia exist in an embryo before it is implanted in the uterus.  But NTUH isn’t the only facility providing this sort of hi-tech hope to would-be parents.

Several other of Taiwan’s 16 Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals operate state-of-the-art clinics offering the full complement of fertility procedures.  These include various kinds of fertility drug plans, gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT), embryonic cryopreservation, artificial insemination (AI), and of course different in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques.

For some people, advanced IVF treatments fall under the umbrella of luxury health tourism, but another great thing about the high-quality fertility centers in Taiwan is the savings.  The American Society of Reproductive Medicine puts the average cost of IVF in the USA at over US$12,000.  In Taiwan, however, you can expect to pay half that.

The procedures involved during an IVF cycle are generally minimally invasive – even the egg retrieval, after which women may resume normal activities within 24 hours.  Better still, for couples looking to relax after this initial step, there is a 3-4 day window when the eggs are fertilized in the lab before being implanted.

And since a penny saved is a penny earned, why not spend a bit of the earnings on a relaxing holiday during the fertilization stage?  Should you so choose, you could do a lot worse than Taiwan’s mild winters, exciting cuisine, scenic geography, rich art and architectural history, bustling night markets, and vibrant capital city, Taipei.

Taiwan’s clearly a destination that captures both the “fertility” and “tourism” aspects of the equation, and when you take everything together – the expertise, the savings, and the holiday opportunities – it’s clear why Taiwan is such a popular fertility tourism destination.