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The Essence of Medical Holidays: Islands Edition

The Essence of Medical Holidays: Islands Edition



“Medical Tourism” is the popular term for when people travel abroad to receive healthcare, but it doesn’t perfectly capture the essence of this thriving industry.  And as you may have noticed, our bustling little business – – has a slightly different take.

For us, “Medical Holiday” better describes the advantageous mix of healthcare and vacation that millions of people experience each year.  After all, an exhilarating holiday can be just as beneficial as the more affordable procedures and shorter wait times for treatment that you’ll receive overseas.

In some cases – in certain destinations – the latter aspect of a “medical holiday” even takes center stage.  And it’s a big reason why these five spectacular island hotspots – where exotic beach getaways fit perfectly with non-invasive, elective-type procedures – are so popular.

Laid-back beach vacations combine seamlessly with the non-invasive procedures for body contouring and body skin lifting – like CoolSculpting and Thermage – that are on offer in Barbados.  And what better place for your revitalizing escape from the saggy old you than an immaculate Caribbean island described as “a tranquil escape from the everyday” due to its sublime beauty and rich, unique culture.

Arguably Thailand’s most beautiful island, Phuket’s got it all when it comes to medical holidays, on both sides of the ledger.  It’s where you’ll find state-of-the-art wellness centers like Atmanjai, a spa that delivers “Detox, Yoga, Fitness, & Wellness” to restore your health and vitality.  And its beachfront location is the perfect jumping-off point for all the exciting vacation activities in Phuket and its environs.

This tropical escape attracts millions of Chinese and foreign visitors each year with its natural beauty, amazing seafood, array of outdoor activities like golfing, and culture.  The latter extends to the medical system in Hainan and is a mainstay for healthcare travelers looking for serious procedures like vascular surgery and other chronic disease treatments, but especially for those in search of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and anti-aging care.

Like its leisure tourism industry, medical tourism in Cuba has started to welcome scores of Americans looking for deals on dental care.  Root canals, bridges, crowns, and implants are sought after for the expertise and affordability, and their compatibility with a proper island vacation.  In Cuba, the latter means scuba, snorkeling, fishing, breathtaking beaches, kite surfing, and so much more.

Like in Cuba, dental in Philippines – where the stunning island province of Cebu is located – is another increasingly popular health travel option.  But patients also visit Cebu for spa wellness treatments like the ancient Filipino Hilot massage; and the wellness continues with your holiday where the waterfalls, diving, canyoning, and immaculate beachside resorts put you at ease.

Hopefully an “all-islands” blog post reinforces the notion that you don’t have to stay home for medical care, and that a significant aspect of traveling for it is the vacation that goes along with it.  And the holiday part of your medical holiday couldn’t be better than in one of these 5 beautiful island destinations.