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Top Destinations for Men to combine Health Checkups with Adventure Holidays

Top Destinations for Men to combine Health Checkups with Adventure Holidays



Traditionally, doctors and healthcare advocacy groups have recommended that men and women receive checkups annually.  But recently, experts including the American Medical Association have suggested that anyone over age 40 get “periodic health examinations” every 1-3 years.

So if comprehensive medical examinations aren’t required on a yearly basis, then we may as well splurge a bit when it comes time to have one!  And for busy professional men in particular, that often means an “executive health checkup” in a top-flight, state-of-the-art hospital.

A thorough executive health check requires just one day of your time, but since it’s a once-every-couple-of-years endeavor nowadays, splashing out and turning it into a healthcare holiday isn’t uncommon.  Plus, what better way to celebrate a clean bill of health than to reward yourself with some life-affirming activities.

The top spots for men to combine comprehensive medical examinations with exciting, stress-relieving, adventurous vacations include 5 of’s preferred destinations.

Medical tourism’s most popular country is home to 44 Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals, including world-famous Bumrungrad International which offers an array of customizable executive health checkup packages.  Thailand is also a veritable playground for adrenaline junkies, so after your examination you can head north, south, east, or west for everything from hill-tribe trekking and cycling tours to whitewater rafting and top-class SCUBA diving.

And speaking of SCUBA diving, Thailand’s southern neighbor Malaysia is another world-class destination for underwater exploration, as well as some of Asia’s most exhilarating windsurfing, jungle trekking, and mountain climbing.  The sports come after your checkup, of course, and Prince Court Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur has an executive health screening centre and has been voted the world’s best hospital for medical tourists for two straight years.

Greece’s lone JCI-certified facility is the HYGEIA Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center of Athens.  Its special checkup department, in cooperation with the American College of Pathology, provides a complete “checkup for men” with advanced biochemical blood exam.  As for your post-hospital adventure, Athens is a perfect jumping-off point for an epic holiday on land or sea: rafting, river trekking, rock climbing, sailing, and some of the planet’s most picturesque sea kayaking.

South Africa
The South Africa health care system is similar to the country’s adventure-tourism options: it’s extensive and highly-rated.  Overseas patients partake of its outstanding cosmetic surgery facilities, fertility centers, and hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic’s “Life Extension Institute of South Africa.”  It is a “comprehensive medical health evaluation centre for early detection of disease,” and you can improve your quality of life even further with an amazing big-game safari or surfing holiday.

With 24 JCI-accredited hospitals, you’ll be sure to find an advanced facility in Spain with an affordable and thorough health checkup program.  So why not head to the sunny south’s Costa del Sol and have your chest x-ray, bone density test, and whole abdomen ultrasound near some of Europe’s finest coastline; then engage in the region’s first-rate cycling, rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

So, while our previous post examined top destinations for female medical tourists to combine shopping and beauty treatments, this one focused on the men.  After your executive health check has targeted any potential health problems and identified a path to improved wellness, you’ll feel confident; and you’ll be in a location where you can challenge yourself with a well-earned adventure holiday.