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Medical Tourism Insurance is a Key Part of your Health Travel Experience

Medical Tourism Insurance is a Key Part of your Health Travel Experience



Like death and taxes, paying for insurance is one of those things that you just have to accept.  It often seems like a waste of money, until it’s put to good use: protecting your property when accidents occur, your beneficiaries in the event of your demise, and your well-being when you’re sick or injured.

Regarding the latter, Americans in particular know all too well the frustrations associated with paying for health insurance.  While it’s truly an invaluable piece of your financial position, it has some serious issues like soaring costs, gaps in what’s covered, and plenty of red tape to deal with.

In many cases, people choose medical tourism to escape these problems, but one thing they shouldn’t do is try to escape insurance altogether.  Instead, they should seriously consider one of the many companies offering medical tourism insurance when planning a trip overseas for treatments.

Who needs it exactly, and what’s covered?  The simple answer to the first question is anyone who opts for medical tourism.  That’s because complications do occasionally arise when traveling abroad for healthcare, and we’re not just talking about lost luggage.

Remember, you may decide to travel a great distance for a complex procedure, such as to India to undergo balloon valvuloplasty or Dubai for hip resurfacing.  But just like at home, accidents can occur.  A medical-tourism insurance policy will assist with any “deep pocket” expenses resulting from unexpected outcomes by providing/covering:

  • Cash Benefits – up to US$50,000 or more
  • Medical Evacuation – up to US$100,000 or more
  • Corrective Procedures – for up to 6 months after initial procedure

If you’re like most medical tourists, you’ll be traveling with a companion to support you and share in the fun part of the medical/holiday equation.  But sometimes things go wrong for vacationers, too; things that wouldn’t be related to your planned medical treatments.  A medical-tourism insurance policy will cover the things that result from unforeseen circumstances, like:

  • Medical Expenses – up to US$50,000 or more for illness or injury to you and your companion
  • Emergency Evacuation Costs (for your own medical issue or your companion’s)
  • Disability and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Costs
  • Trip Cancellation Costs

Just like insurance policies that cover you at home, medical tourism insurance provides peace of mind.  And even if you travel for less-serious treatments like a wellness spa program in Thailand or hair transplantation in Turkey, it would still be worth your while to learn about the companies that provide medical tourism insurance and what they offer, right here on