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Thailand’s DNA Clinic Goes for Gold with their Cutting-Edge Beauty Treatments

Thailand’s DNA Clinic Goes for Gold with their Cutting-Edge Beauty Treatments



Photo credited to DNA Clinic

Why do so many people visit beauty clinics nowadays for face-lifting and skin-tightening procedures?  Because they can!  And since looking young and feeling healthy is at some level an impulse in all of us, facilities like DNA Clinic in Thailand are doing a brisk business.

DNA Clinic is one of Bangkok’s best cosmetic dermatology centers, and their most popular treatment is a trendy, minimally-invasive procedure known as Gold Thread Lift.  It employs thin strands of 24-carat gold to gently lift sagging skin, and scheduled an appointment to learn more about it at their location in downtown’s bustling Siam Square district.


Photo credited to DNA Clinic

“We’re the only facility in Thailand with a patent on the original, highest-quality gold thread from the USA,” said Dr. Nopnarueporn Rongsaard, one of several expert cosmetic dermatologists practicing in DNA’s three clinics.

Besides being unique in this way, Dr. Nopnarueporn told us what she feels really separates DNA from other top beauty clinics in BKK.

“We believe in beauty from the inside.  We of course offer our patients state-of-the-art cosmetic dermatology to make them more confident, but we also do holistic anti-aging procedures like stem cell treatments, chelation therapy, and IV infusions.”

If DNA helps patients achieve beauty from the inside, and – judging by their website – their motto is “Beauty at Your Best,” what are the recommended treatments for patients in search of facial refinement?

According to Dr. Nopnarueporn, “Our top-5 most popular are our 2-hour, pain-free, outpatient Gold Thread Lift, Thermage for wrinkle-reduction treatment, facial reshaping with Botox and dermal fillers, the anti-aging procedures, and our Blink program.”

“Plus, this branch is in a hub of activity for high school and university students, so we do lots of acne treatments for young people,” she added.

By providing this array of cosmetic dermatology that includes advanced non-surgical facelifts, traditional skin treatments for sufferers of acne and other skin disorders, and anti-aging care, DNA attracts a wide range of patients.

“Even regular tourists visit us for beauty enhancements,” said Dr. Nopnarueporn.  “They learn about Gold Thread from our website and have it done on their trip since it doesn’t take a lot of time.  Our foreign guests receive almost all of our most popular treatments.”

As for Blink, it actually has nothing to do with your eyes.  It is a program that reduces dark spots and freckles via laser, then infuses the skin with nutrients to boost collagen production, and uses a mask to brighten and return moisture to the skin.

Because it requires several visits, Blink is a great choice for expats in Thailand who need melasma treatment; DNA in fact treats a large amount of foreign customers from America, Europe, and China.  Overall, they welcome around 20 patients per day at their two Bangkok locations, mostly by appointment, although they do lots of walk-in business, too.

In addition to Siam Square, DNA has a branch in another trendy area of Bangkok called Ekamai; and a branch upcountry in Udon Thani, an hour’s flight from BKK.  The latter is the largest dermatology clinic in the country’s northeast region – and probably one of the five largest clinics in Southeast Asia.

“The breakdown is about 70% women to 30% men,” she said.  “Thermage is most popular for men because it lasts 1-2 years and doesn’t require several visits, and Botox as well.  But Gold Thread is much more popular among women.”


Photo credited to DNA Clinic

Regarding DNA’s future, it certainly looks promising.  Given the success of the Udon Thani facility with Cambodian and Laotian patients, Dr. Nopnarueporn told us they are looking at expanding into other ASEAN countries.

Growth will allow DNA to do on a larger scale the things which she believes set them apart from the competition.  Outstanding service, innovation, holistic anti-aging care…

And of course their expertise in Gold Thread facelifts: the cutting-edge way to tighten sagging facial skin, diminish lines on the neck and around the eyes, and stimulate the production of collagen for a complexion that appears naturally young, firm, and bright.

Looking 5-10 years younger?  Beauty at your best.