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5 Health-Boosting Summer Holidays for Medical Tourists

5 Health-Boosting Summer Holidays for Medical Tourists



Summer vacations come in many varieties.  Some are just a chance to relax, while others are adventurous and may even require physical exertion.  Some can be enjoyed close to home, but some require us to journey far away.  Some are simple and affordable, others are stylish and expensive.

One new trend in our high-season holidays is not to consult with a travel agent, per se, but to seek the advice of a medical tourism facilitator.  They’ve got all the information you need about how to pair health-promoting medical treatments with just about any kind of holiday abroad that you can imagine.

It may sound extravagant – traveling overseas for dermatology procedures, laser eye surgery, or breast augmentations – but the reality is medical tourism is estimated to be a US$40 billion industry.  And more and more frequently, people choose to become patients when they’re scheduling their summer R&R.

So what’s on offer for the health-conscious summer sojourner?  Medical-travel packages can include an endless array of restorative, rejuvenating, and revitalizing treatments in amazing destinations, such as:

LASIK for less in bustling Bangkok

This is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations due to its vibrant nightlife, endless shopping options, and incredible cuisine, and it’s also home to some of Asia’s finest and most affordable state-of-the-art laser eye centers.  Ultra-modern technology, expert surgeons, and doting patient care await you… as do 20/20 vision and an unforgettable vacation.

Expert ENT, an island specialty

Especially in the Barbados health care system where ear, nose, and throat procedures are popular with sun worshippers in need of cochlear implants, septoplasty, or sleep apnea surgery.  They can be had at the respected surgery clinic in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, from Western-trained ENT specialists, just a stone’s throw from some of the planet’s most beautiful beaches.

Seoul’s super-skilled surgeons

Summer temperatures in Seoul are in the low- to mid-80s and the city is an exciting mix of Asian history and cosmopolitan excess.  An ideal day out might start in trendy, upscale Gangnam where tourists live the good life, Korean style, and receive medical tourism’s most innovative aesthetic enhancements like the v-shaped chin, “eye smile” surgery, and forehead contouring.

Costa Rican cosmetic dentistry

Did you know you can save over US$2,500 on dental implants in Costa Rica compared to the UK?  That cash can go a long way towards a heavenly beachside escape in a country that features Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals and highly sophisticated dentistry clinics providing huge savings on implants, veneers, bridges, crowns, and more.

Happiness in holistic health retreats

These facilities – often located in calming, picturesque natural settings – put their guests on the road to healthier habits.  Mexico is an ideal choice, especially for Americans and Canadians who are looking for wellness programs that treat mind, body, and spirit with spa-style pampering, yoga, hydrotherapy, herbal steams, liver detoxification, and beauty treatments.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The sheer variety of destinations and treatments that Westerners can enjoy for their summer getaways is practically endless.  And thanks to the information contained on and available from respected medical tourism facilitators, a health-boosting summer holiday is easy.