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Siam Laser Clinic Offers Cosmetic Dermatology that’s like Beauty Magic

Siam Laser Clinic Offers Cosmetic Dermatology that’s like Beauty Magic



Photo credited to Siam Laser Clinic

One sunny morning last month I visited Siam Laser Clinic in Bangkok, the #1 Award Winner for the most Ulthera treatments performed in Thailand.  Ulthera is a popular non-invasive facelift treatment, so I went there seeking more information about their highly-regarded cosmetic procedures.  What I found out, however, is that SLC offers so much more.

Smart, skilled, and successful, its leader is Dr. Thirachai Warunyooratana, a man whose resume includes an extended period as a general practitioner in Bangkok and a Master’s degree in dermatology from the University of Wales.  And he’s innovative, too.

In addition to providing what you’d expect from a top dermatology clinic in one of the world’s premier medical tourism destinations, SLC produced a long-running reality television show called “Beauty Magic.”  But his progressive thinking isn’t limited to TV marketing.

“Most dermatologists work in hospitals, mainly dealing with diseases that are only treatable, not curable,” said Dr. Thirachai.  “In Thailand the cosmetic dermatology field is expanding new frontiers, and we’re able to design and create things, like artists.”

With its 10 branches throughout the city and 60,000 patients treated over the past 10 years, Siam Laser Clinic – a “Specialized Beauty Clinic” according to its website – offers patients in all areas of Bangkok a wide variety of aesthetic enhancements.  But so too can many of their competitors, so what sets SLC apart?

According to Dr. Thirachai, “For me it’s very simple, we always try to do what is best for patients, honestly and sincerely.  And they trust us because we have the best technology and the best techniques.”


Photo credited to Siam Laser Clinic

Dr. Thirachai mentioned that SLC has two main types of cosmetic dermatology patients, ones who visit with specific improvements in mind such as breast augmentation or cheek bone reduction surgery, and ones who simply want to leave things up to the experts to make them look better.

For the latter group, tightening, anti-aging wrinkle reduction treatments are the really popular procedures at SLC.  In addition to being recognized for their use of Ulthera, the clinic has gotten awards from Fraxel – which is a laser treatment that diminishes fine lines, and from Voluma – which is an injectable gel that reduces sag.


Photo credited to Siam Laser Clinic


Photo credited to Siam Laser Clinic

And they’ve also received accolades for the high number of procedures they’ve performed using Vaser, the body-contouring liposuction treatment.  All of which shows the diversity of the high-quality treatments on offer at SLC: an array of appearance-altering procedures including cosmetic surgeries, laser treatments, dermal fillers, liposuction, and more.

“We have plastic surgeons, five of them operating in three of our branches, three anesthesiologists, around 20 dermatologists, around 20 dentists, one hair transplant specialist,” said Dr. Thirachai.

And the offerings don’t stop there.

“We also process mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) which are extracted from patient’s body fats, multiplied, and then used to treat unhealthy cells.  We treat countless conditions this way, mostly ones related to aging or degeneration.”

“For aging, sagging, discoloration, we can just inject directly into the skin.”  Dr. Thirachai added, “I had an amazing case, a patient who had dark circles around the eyes like a panda for 20 years.  We treated them with stem cell injections and after just one month they looked completely different.”

This diversity is seemingly great for business as SLC can treat so many different kinds of patients – there’s also an orthopedic surgeon on staff for age-related joint ailments – but are their facilities state-of-the-art?

“Any new, proven technology on the market, we acquire it,” said Dr. Thirachai.  “Whatever we find to be the best we will invest in it, for our patients.  And also, we think the doctors can make a clinic state-of-the-art.  Our team discusses and always aims for the best result.”

Certainly the bulk of SLC’s client base is situated in Bangkok, but they’re also attracting foreign patients with increasing frequency.  The clinics’ multilingual staff makes things easy for overseas guests, and there are even Japanese-speaking doctors on the team.


Photo credited to Siam Laser Clinic

When I told Dr. Thirachai that I thought I was visiting one of Bangkok’s more popular skin clinics – one staffed with dermatologists, beauty consultants, cosmetic surgeons, and the like – he spoke again of progress and the future.

“The skin clinic – laser clinic and cosmetic surgery – is our foundation, and it’s well established.  But now it’s a new era.  We’re building a healthcare organization under SLC – SLC Cosmetic Center, SLC Hospital, into the future.”

And from our perspective Siam Laser Clinic’s a success story, exploring new frontiers while maintaining the highest standards of patient care – because it’s a clinic that cares.