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Expats and Long-Term Vacationers in Mexico have a New Healthcare Helpmate

Expats and Long-Term Vacationers in Mexico have a New Healthcare Helpmate



Mexico is a beautiful country and vacationers’ paradise, and the Yucatan Peninsula is particularly captivating.  Comprised of Yucatan state and Quintana Roo state, it is where American and European sun worshippers and Mayan archeology buffs while away their winters in bliss.

The region is also a big reason why low-cost medical tourism in Mexico is so popular.  It is home to Cancun’s Hospital Galenia, one of the country’s many healthcare facilities accredited by the Joint Commission International, and Merida’s Star Medica Hospital, which performs an array of popular bariatric weight-loss procedures.

Put the two together – tourism and top-notch hospitals – and what you have is a large community of retirement-age Western men and women who, when they require either urgent or elective medical treatments, are able to receive them without difficulty.

And a new company in the Yucatan called Health Itinerary is aiming to make things even better for English-speaking long-term vacationers and expat residents there.  They are one of a new breed of company whose mission is to offer easier access to safe, high-quality healthcare and support of the sort that their clients are accustomed to receiving back home.

Their program is called Health Net Connect, an affordable benefits plan that provides “significant savings on routine medications, support services, and health & wellness screening products,” and they’re not the only ones contributing to the world-wide success of medical tourism.

There are similar companies in other health travel hotspots who provide patients with discounts on a variety of things like eye examinations, glasses, and contact lenses; comprehensive health check-ups and physical therapy; and dentistry services including exams, cleanings, and whitening procedures for a fraction of what they’d pay back home.

And if there’s ever an emergency, Health Itinerary, for example, offers a free 24-hour hotline – which of course features English-speaking operators – to connect patients with medical coordinators and a private ambulance service covering that covers a wide area for their members.

These sorts of services are not unlike what some medical facilitators offer.  In addition to providing advice on medical treatment, visa assistance, and logistical support, they often have agreements with hospitals and clinics allowing them to give preferred pricing on all the most popular treatments with health & wellness tourists.

Perhaps most of all, these companies provide foreigners visiting or living overseas with peace of mind.  And since easy access to routine healthcare and elective procedures like advanced laser eye surgery is so important for people spending significant time in a foreign country, companies like Health Itinerary should flourish in other touristy areas of Mexico, and in other countries, too.