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Czech Republic Medical Tourism is Attracting Scores of Patients from All over Europe

Czech Republic Medical Tourism is Attracting Scores of Patients from All over Europe



The land now known as the Czech Republic has a rich scientific tradition, including many important advances in medicine.  A pair of Czech chemists was responsible for inventing the soft contact lens; a noted neurologist was the first to classify blood into its four types; and the famed 19th century scientist, Gregor Mendel, is often referred to as the “father of genetics” for his research into inherited genetic traits.

In addition to a rich history of innovation, the country has implemented numerous important changes in the years since it broke free of Communism over two decades ago.  Now, there is a modern healthcare system featuring privatized primary care, a robust pharmaceutical industry, and state-of-the-art facilities including spas, wellness centers, and hospitals, of which four have been accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI).

This has made it possible not only for Czech citizens to enjoy longer and healthier lives, but, when combined with the highly affordable costs for care, it has provided a wealth of opportunities for patients from overseas to visit for top-notch medical holidays.  In fact, Czech Republic Medical Tourism is attracting more European patients than just about anywhere due to its combination of outstanding healthcare with a fantastic vacation destination.

The country’s expertly trained doctors and surgeons deliver extremely high-quality care in an array of procedures including fertility treatment (where not only expertise, but flexible legislation, attracts patients from abroad and has made the Czech Republic and Spain the most popular destinations in Europe for people struggling with infertility); weight loss by surgery (also known as bariatric surgery, which includes the popular procedure called “gastric bypass surgery”); and other forms of cosmetic/plastic surgery like liposuction, face lifts, and breast augmentations (their popularity isn’t surprising, given František Burian founded what is likely the world’s first plastic surgery department back in 1927).

A quick look at those affordable costs for treatment in the Czech Republic may further entice you: breast implants in a leading clinic in Prague will cost US$3,000, which amounts to about $5,000 in savings when compared to the UK; the aforementioned gastric bypass goes for nearly US$50,000 in America, but only $10,000 in the Czech Republic; and there are enormous savings to be had on the full range of dental procedures, including porcelain veneers, which go for nearly US$900 per tooth in the UK, but under $500 in top dental centers in Prague.

Overall, you can expect excellent healthcare in the Czech Republic, plus advanced and cutting-edge medicine, too, like robotic surgery, stem cell research, and complex cardiology.  And with its wealth of medical spas, rich history and culture, amazing capital Prague, and delicious cuisine, it is well on its way to becoming – as the English-language Prague Post recently described it – a Mecca for medical tourists.