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Dental Tourism’s Top 5 Destinations for Affordable Dental Treatments

Dental Tourism’s Top 5 Destinations for Affordable Dental Treatments



In our last post we looked at the top dental treatments that patients are heading overseas for, which includes dental bridges, dental veneers, smile makeovers, dental crowns, dental implants, and root canals; and, we touched on why they’re going, which is definitely due to the savings and also because time spent in a dentist’s chair deserves a bit of a reward sometimes, like a relaxing vacation.

We made mention, too, of where they’re heading, and unsurprisingly, the list includes many of the usual medical-travel bellwethers like Greece, South Korea, India, and a handful of others.  Today, let’s examine more closely that handful of others, because they happen to make up the top 5 destinations in the thriving world of dental tourism.

For high-quality and affordable dentistry abroad, there’s no beating Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary, and Malaysia, each with its own case for why it has become so attractive to dental travelers.  Working backwards through the list, let’s take a look at what makes each destination a stand-out:

  • Malaysia – You can expect cutting-edge medical tourism in Malaysia, and this includes its high-tech dental clinics, too.  Specialties include aesthetic dentistry like bridges, tooth re-shaping, and gum surgery, and it’s also popular because of its abundance of holiday options, the high level of English spoken by healthcare professionals, and its flexible visa requirements for medical tourists.
  • Hungary – Dental travel has been popular in Europe for many years because certain countries offer significant savings over others, and Hungary is at the forefront.  Its dental industry is well-known for highly-skilled dentists, state-of-the-art clinics, and of course affordability.  It is also popular due to its 1,000-year history and rich culture, embodied by the dental-travel resort town of Gyor which offers the best of both worlds: world-class treatment and an amazing holiday.
  • Costa Rica – The country routinely tops various “best of” lists for its leisure travel, adventure travel, and eco-tourism possibilities…and lately, for its dental tourism.  It’s a popular new trend for Americans to head there for everything from orthodontics and teeth whitening, to dentures and dental veneers; and for much cheaper than they would pay at home.  With that savings, they’re spending a week or two exploring the country’s remarkable beaches, volcanoes, and forest preserves.
  • Mexico – Mexico has become enormously popular as a dental tourism destination for a variety of reasons, not least of which is its easy access for Texans, Arizonans, and Californians who can simply drive there for a long weekend of dental work and incredible food.  Of course tacos and proximity to America aren’t the only reasons for Mexico’s emergence as a dental tourism hotspot: its contemporary clinics and American-trained dentists are doing top-notch cosmetic dentistry for a relative pittance.
  • Thailand – For anyone considering affordable dental tourism, Thailand is hard to beat.  Just look at the numbers: Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok – arguably one of the best hospitals in all of Asia – welcomes 11,000 overseas patients each year to its dental centre that is staffed by over 50 full- and part-time dental experts, nearly half of them board certified in the West.  The modern dental clinics in Thailand run the gamut of treatments at unbeatable prices, and it is also a popular destination due to the doting patient care and the amazing vacation possibilities.

So as the greater health tourism industry continues its rapid growth, so too does one of the more popular subsets, dental tourism.  People are heading to a wide variety of destinations for high-quality, low-cost dental work – plus a great holiday – and a diverse top 5 is leading the way.