Adding Medical Tourism to the Long List of Reasons to Visit Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is a place where East meets West and where architecture, grand historical sites, art, and delicious cuisine abounds; to say nothing of the beautiful beaches and excellent resorts in places with inviting names like the Turquoise Coast.

Chelation Therapy: What does it Treat, What are the Risks?

The science of modern medicine seems at times to verge on science fiction, and to me the treatment known as chelation therapy would fit this description. It is a procedure whereby a chemical known as EDTA is injected into a patient’s blood in order to act as a “chelating” agent: it binds to excess heavy metals and minerals and helps to remove them from the body.

Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok Provides Health, Beauty for Medical Tourists

The Beautiful Boxer is a true-life film depicting the story of Nong Thoom, a famous Muay Thai fighter who one day discovered a natural talent for kickboxing and also that he was in fact a woman trapped inside a man’s body. He dreamed one day of a sex-change operation, and thanks to his prize winnings it became a reality at Bangkok’s famous Yanhee International Hospital.

Thermal Waters Help Hungary Heat up as a Medical Tourism Destination

How many possible options are there, and how many more will there be?

We’re talking about countries that are legitimate high-quality cost-saving medical tourism destinations, and here are my answers: at present, provides detailed information on 21 nations popular with health travelers; and regarding the second question, my crystal ball is out of service at the moment.

Nigeria Aims to Stop the Flow of Outbound Medical Tourists

Yin and yang aren’t simply concepts in Chinese philosophy or Traditional Chinese Medicine. They’ve become commonplace terms in the English lexicon indicating almost any two things in direct opposition to each other. People are fond of saying things like “balancing hard work with pleasure is the yin and yang of modern life;” or, they’ll describe something’s “yin and yang” if it’s both helpful and harmful, good and bad, etc.

Dental Tourists from Around the World Come to Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic and Go Home Grinning

Dental tourism is one of the most popular branches of health travel, and few places are doing bigger business than Thailand. And while the country certainly attracts large numbers of medical tourists for other more serious treatments like heart procedures, gender reassignment surgeries, and cancer care, the highly affordable less complex treatments like dentistry have people flocking to the Land of Smiles.

The 5 Most Common Cancers in British and American Men

In our previous post we cited a few of the countries that have become reliable options for medical tourists who are in search of affordable cancer treatments. We also, unhappily, had a look at the 5 most common types of cancer in women.

A Sobering Look at the 5 Most Common Cancers in Women

It’s not just smile makeovers, boob jobs, and Swedish massages that motivate people by the tens of thousands to cross borders each year as healthcare travelers.And even though the opportunity to go overseas for these things is certainly important for regular health maintenance and aesthetic reasons,medical tourism can deliver so much more, such as cutting-edge cancer treatments.

The Great State of Florida Envisions Itself as a Top-Tier Medical Travel Destination

We can all agree that when it comes to individual human beings, we like what we like. As such, every nation on earth possesses its own special charms and reasons for why people want to be there. For example – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this thinking – I like being places that have quality healthcare and nice weather.

Villa Medica in Bangkok is one of Asia’s Finest Clinics for Holistic & Alternative Medicine

Practitioners of alternative medicine take a holistic approach to healthcare. For them, what’s important is promoting overall health and preventing illness – not just treating symptoms – and doing so by natural means. They take into account health history and lifestyle and attempt to diagnose ailments in order to restore bodily balance and heal without the use of pharmaceuticals.