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Thailand's #1 Hotel Spa

According to the 2013 World Luxury Hotel Awards, eforea: Spa at Hilton, Hilton Pattaya and Spa Intercontinential, Bangkok are the best luxury hotel spa in Thailand. The country constantly represents for medical tourism, so these facility are the best of the best. 

Articles and Guides About Medical Tourism

Keep your finger on the pulse of the Medical Tourism industry with’s new Vital Signs page. Here you can read the most up-to-date Medical Tourism articles, learn about the ins-and-outs of medical travel and find out about all the latest trends of the global healthcare!

Why is this information so valuable to you?  For one thing, Medical Tourism is booming and anyone struggling to afford treatment at home can use the information contained here to get acquainted with their healthcare options overseas.  It’s like a one-stop shop for Medical Tourism resources; a place where patients considering a trip abroad for their medical needs can come to get the low-down.

It’s the ultimate Medical Tourism guide, covering everything from the cost of care in medical holiday hotspots like Thailand and Singapore, to news about popular procedures like dental work and cosmetic surgery, to explanations of what Medical Tourism is exactly, and why you should consider it!

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Ovulation and Conception, Timing Intercourse for Pregnancy

28 July 2014

Timing is a crucial aspect in the conception process. Of the million eggs that are present in a woman's body from birth, only 300-400 of them are released during ovulation. The one egg that is released every month travels to the uterus from the fallopian tube, where it can be fertilized. Sperms typically survive for nearly 3-5 days, while an egg survives for 12-24 hours. In some very rare cases the egg may survive for three days post ovulation. Since the egg is present in the fallopian tube only during ovulation, timing the intercourse with respect to the ovulation period can help in improving your chances at conception. Read More

Non-surgical Eye Lift Treatment Options

21 July 2014

Individuals with sunken eyes, puffy eyes, eyebags, sagging eyebrows, or wrinkles around the eye area, undergo eyelifts to correct their appearance. Non-surgical eyelifts have grown just as popular as the traditional under-the-knife eyelifts, off late. These eye-lifts are minimally invasive, which ensures that their recovery period is short as well. They are fondly referred to as the lunch-time eyelift, owing to the short duration that it takes to undergo them. Read More

What is IVF?

18 July 2014

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a viable option for couples ridden by infertility issues. While it isn't necessarily one of the first steps to look at to treat infertility, it is resorted to in cases artificial insemination, fertility drugs and surgery have not been successful. Read More

Medical Tourism Market Size

16 July 2014

The booming medical tourism industry has been firmly establishing itself worldwide by offering medical treatments at highly affordable prices to global health and wellness travelers. However, the exact growth or scope for the medical tourism market cannot be weighed without the accurate numbers and figures. Here's a look at how the medical tourism market has been faring by far. Read More

4 Common Types of Stomach Reduction Surgery

11 July 2014

Obesity can often lead to medical problems, which if left unattended can prove detrimental to a person's health. Bariatric or stomach reduction surgeries are performed when the individual is unable to lose weight through exercise or dietary changes. In stomach reduction surgeries the surgeon reduces the stomach's size by limiting the area that takes in the food. This reduces the amount of food consumed and in turn brings down the weight in the individual. In some methods, the nutrition absorption volumes are reduced as well for the same purpose. Read More

Surrogacy Types, Options and Process

09 July 2014

Surrogacy can be a helpful alternative for couples who are not able to conceive. One of the most predominant reasons why couples choose surrogacy is when one or both of them are diagnosed with infertility issues. Nearly 7 million US citizens are affected by infertility, who primarily undergo hormonal ad drug therapies and fertility treatments.  Nearly 3 percent of them usually require advanced treatments to be able to conceive. While a few of them manage to achieve a successful pregnancy following treatment, others choose either surrogacy or adoption as viable options. Read More

Asian Eyelid Surgery: Cost, Procedure, Affordable Destinations

01 July 2014

Asian eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is among the leading facial rejuvenation surgical procedures chosen by Asians worldwide. Asian eyelid creases have notably different attributes from that of Caucasians. The surgery is performed to correct the appearance of “single eyelids”, which is predominant in nearly 50 percent of the Asian audience. Read More

Identifying Ayurvedic Body Types and Their Characteristics

27 June 2014

Ayurveda is among the more effective holistic therapies that help individuals in achieving a healthy state of balance, both emotionally and physically. The ancient art finds its roots in India, and is nearly 5,000 to 6,000 years old. Ayurvedic therapies function on the basis that each individual has unique requirements and a generalized diet or routine does not work for everyone. It makes use of the principle of dosha, or the energies that are present in an individual, to evaluate the requirements that help in maintaining optimal health in an individual. Read More

Robotic Bariatric Surgery vs. Traditional Bariatric Surgery

25 June 2014

Robotic bariatric surgery is one of the most technologically advanced methods used to treat obese patients in a minimally invasive manner. It is similar to a laparoscopic procedure in a way that it makes use of a miniature video camera and instruments, that are inserted into the surgical site, during the course of the operation. Robotic medical equipment is used to perform the procedure. The da Vinci robotic surgical system has been popularly used for this purpose. While the robot cannot operate on its own, it is guided by the surgeon to render ultra-precise movements, giving it a competitive edge over traditional bariatric surgeries. Read More
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