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Asia Leads the World in Hairline Restorations

Asia performs the highest number of surgical hair restoration procedures of any region, racking up 102,702 operations in 2012, according to industry data (ISHRS). That’s more than Canada, South and Central America and Europe combined.

Articles and Guides About Medical Tourism

Keep your finger on the pulse of the Medical Tourism industry with’s new Vital Signs page. Here you can read the most up-to-date Medical Tourism articles, learn about the ins-and-outs of medical travel and find out about all the latest trends of the global healthcare!

Why is this information so valuable to you?  For one thing, Medical Tourism is booming and anyone struggling to afford treatment at home can use the information contained here to get acquainted with their healthcare options overseas.  It’s like a one-stop shop for Medical Tourism resources; a place where patients considering a trip abroad for their medical needs can come to get the low-down.

It’s the ultimate Medical Tourism guide, covering everything from the cost of care in medical holiday hotspots like Thailand and Singapore, to news about popular procedures like dental work and cosmetic surgery, to explanations of what Medical Tourism is exactly, and why you should consider it!

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Risk Factors and Causes of Cancer

22 October 2014

All types of cancer are believed to start due to an abnormal cell. When the genes that govern cell division are altered or damaged, they can lead to an abnormal growth of cells. If these abnormal cells survive, they may multiply further without any control, and lead to the formation of malignant tumors. The root cause of cancer can be pinned down to the presence of altered genes, referred to as mutated genes. Genes can be mutated at birth from heredity or occur spontaneously through an individual's lifetime due to multiple factors. While some factors, like lifestyle choices, can be changed to reduce the chances of occurrence of cancer, others like inherited gene mutations cannot be altered. More and more patients from Western countries are choosing to travel abroad for cancer treatments (oncology) due to their affordability. China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea are some notable healthcare destinations that provide medical tourists world-class quality cancer treatments at affordable costs. Read More

Chronic Disease Definition, Causes and Treatment Options

21 October 2014

Chronic diseases are persistent and long-lasting conditions. The US National Center for Health Statistics defines chronic disease as a condition that last for three months or longer. While treatment of chronic illnesses helps keep their symptoms under control, they cannot be completely cured. Statistics reveal that chronic illnesses are responsible for nearly 70 percent of the deaths in the US population, with about 1.7 million people succumbing to chronic conditions ever year. In fact, the WHO says that chronic illnesses are one of the major causes for premature death worldwide. Read More

Cosmetic Foot Surgery: Options, Procedure and Cost

06 October 2014

Cosmetic foot surgeries are growing as a popular means of improving the aesthetic appearance of feet. A number of people are unhappy with the appearance of their feet and cosmetic foot surgery gives them an opportunity to improve it by modifying the toe length, toe size or foot width as desired. Read More

Pros and Cons of Surrogacy

03 October 2014

Statistics show that nearly 7.3 million individuals in the US suffer from infertility issues. Surrogacy is a procedure through which a surrogate carries a baby till term for couples who are unable to conceive. This gives them an opportunity to be parents despite being infertile. Read More

Colon Cancer Treatment Options

01 October 2014

Every year, over 106,000 American citizens suffer from colon cancer, although the survival rates have seen an improvement over the last 15 years. When diagnosed in its early stages, the odds of curing the cancer go up to nearly 90 percent. A majority of cases of colon cancer originate in the glands present in the colon or rectum lining. Most colon cancer cases start in the form of benign polyps that transform into a cancer. Read More

What is Heart Bypass Surgery? When is it Performed?

29 September 2014

The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood through the body. The coronary arteries can suffer blockage due to the build-up of fatty deposits through the years. When the coronary arteries get blocked, it can lead to a heart attack. In fact, clogged arteries and heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in the United States and many other countries around the world. Read More

Cost of Dental Implants Worldwide

28 September 2014

Dental implants are used as restoratives in individuals with missing teeth. Implants fall under a conservative approach of dentistry and have shown success rates of nearly 98 percent. While dental implants are no doubt durable and effective in treating one or a number of missing teeth, they are also quite expensive. The overall cost of dental implant treatment includes expenses from digital imaging and scans, anesthesia, materials (abutment, post, and crown), modeling of implants and surgery. Read More

Medical Tourism Advantages and Disadvantages

25 September 2014

Medical tourism has served as a gateway for patients to receive affordable and quality medical care by crossing borders. The net worth of the health tourism industry is believed to be $40 billion. Savings from medical tourism can be 15 to 85 percent in some cases. Leading medical tourism hubs around the world include Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey. Estimates show that over 7 million global citizens cross borders every year to appreciate the effects of medical tourism. Read More

5 Common Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer

23 September 2014

Nearly 12.3 percent of the US female population is diagnosed with breast cancer. Estimates from the National Cancer Institute reveal that 2014 alone will see nearly 232,670 new breast cancer cases in the US. Breast cancer usually originates in the breast tissues' lobules or the milk ducts' inner lining. One of the first signs that women detect is the presence of lumps that are different from the consistency of the remaining breast. Other symptoms that point toward breast cancer include change in nipple position, dimpling of skin, one of the breasts turns enlarged, nipple discharge, swelling in the collarbone area or under the armpits and/or pain in the armpits or breasts. Read More

Nose Tip Surgery: Procedure, Cost and Recovery

19 September 2014

The shape and size of the nose can make a dramatic difference to the symmetry of the face. A nose tip surgery or a nose tip rhinoplasty is carried out to enhance the appearance of the nose tip. It is suitable in cases where deformations are present in the nose tip while the nose bridge is already straight. Through the cosmetic surgery, the nose tip can be narrowed if broad, straightened if crooked, raised if droops, or made thinner if it is rounded. While some surgeries may require only minor incisions, others may ask for nose implants or grafts to be introduced to the nose tips. The approach for each nose tip rhinoplasty varies based on the aesthetic appearance that the patient wishes to achieve through the surgery. Read More
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