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There's a 7 Out Of 10 Chance You Will Get The Best Medical Care In Asia

The MTQUA explored medical tourism hospitals by high-quality care and patient safety. With these criteria, they put together a 2013 list of top 10 medical tourism hospitals in the world-- and 7 of them were in Asia!

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Keep your finger on the pulse of the Medical Tourism industry with’s new Vital Signs page. Here you can read the most up-to-date Medical Tourism articles, learn about the ins-and-outs of medical travel and find out about all the latest trends of the global healthcare!

Why is this information so valuable to you?  For one thing, Medical Tourism is booming and anyone struggling to afford treatment at home can use the information contained here to get acquainted with their healthcare options overseas.  It’s like a one-stop shop for Medical Tourism resources; a place where patients considering a trip abroad for their medical needs can come to get the low-down.

It’s the ultimate Medical Tourism guide, covering everything from the cost of care in medical holiday hotspots like Thailand and Singapore, to news about popular procedures like dental work and cosmetic surgery, to explanations of what Medical Tourism is exactly, and why you should consider it!

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Teeth Whitening Procedures, Types and Cost

20 March 2015

Most individuals have sparkly white teeth at first, due to the tooth's porcelain-like enamel covering. However, the enamel wears down with time due to various reasons and turns transparent, thereby allowing the core of the tooth or the yellow dentin to show. While chewing food, the many micro-cracks develop in the enamel, which is slowly filled with debris and stains. This gives the teeth a stained or dull appearance. Read More

Heart Valve Surgery: How is it Performed?

17 March 2015

The heart has four valves which are responsible for the flow of the blood through it in the right direction. Heart valve disease is characterized by the improper functioning of the heart valves. This can be either because the valves do not open completely, or may have trouble closing, which can in turn affect the regular flow of blood in the heart chambers. A heart valve surgery is performed to treat this condition and restore the blood circulation in the heart to its optimal functionality. During the surgery, the heart valves are either replaced or repaired depending on the condition of the patient. Read More

Eyelash Implants Surgery and Cost

11 March 2015

Eyelash implants can help thicken or lengthen the lashes by installing several lash hair strands surgically onto the upper eyelid rims. While the surgery was originally reserved for patients with congenital malformations or who had been through injuries, nearly 80 percent of the eyelash surgeries that are carried out today are for cosmetic purposes. During the procedure, the surgeon does not use artificial hair, but instead uses minute hair strands from other parts of the body. Typically, these tiny hair strands used for implantation are obtained from the individuals' neck area. In some cases, leg hair may be used as well. The eyelash implant procedure results in the transplant of realistic eyelashes that mimic and blend well with the natural lashes. Read More

Surrogacy Statistics: Numbers and Success Rates Worldwide

06 March 2015

Surrogacy is a means through which couples who are unable to conceive, are able to have a baby with the help of a surrogate. The surrogate carries the intended parents' biological child till term, usually in return for a financial compensation, after which they receive the official parental rights with regards to the baby as per the surrogacy agreement. Read More

Chronic Fatigue Definition, Symptoms and Treatment

02 March 2015

Chronic fatigues syndrome (CFS) is a complex disorder that is typically characterized by the prevalence of profound fatigue. It does not show any improvements with bed rest, and may worsen with mental and physical activity. Estimates reveal that nearly 250,000 individuals in the UK suffer from CFS. The condition usually affects individuals in the age group of 20-40. Sometimes, even children (typically between 13-15) can be affected by the chronic disorder. Read More

Fertility Diet: 4 Foods to Boost Your Fertility

26 February 2015

It is difficult to accurately estimate the global infertility rates as it takes into consideration both female and male issues. However, an analysis of responses from females in Demographic and Health Surveys in 1990 came to a closure with the participation of WHO in the year 2004. It revealed that 1 out of every 4 couples was struggling with the issue of infertility in developing nations. Read More

Cost of Dental Crowns, The Breakdown and Additional Costs Involved

23 February 2015

Dental crowns are also termed as "caps" and their main function is to keep the damaged teeth functioning normally. Dental crowns are also used for protecting cracked teeth and replacing an existing crown. Dentists provide a protective cover to a broken/damaged tooth with the help of a crown made with customized materials. Read More

Male Rhinoplasty: Where to Go for Affordable Prices?

19 February 2015

The number of plastic surgeries that are undergone by men are on the rise. Over 204,146 cases of men partaking in cosmetic procedures in 2012. Male Rhinoplasty happened to be the most popular cosmetic procedure accounting for 61,771 cases. A male rhinoplasty helps balance the proportions of the various facial features with respect to the nose, to improve its aesthetic appearance. In some cases, a rhinoplasty is carried out to clear an obstructed airway that impairs breathing functionality in the individual. Read More

Stomach Band Surgery: Procedure, Cost and Benefits

17 February 2015

Statistics reveal that about 400 million of the adult population around the world suffers from obesity while there are one billion people who are reported to be overweight. Over 80 percent of individuals who have Type-2 diabetes are overweight or obese. Individuals who are obese or overweight, also face a higher risk of cardiac disease. Read More

Types of Heart Surgery: Conditions and Procedures

13 February 2015

Nearly 600,000 individuals in the US die ever year due to heart disease. In fact, it is the leading cause of deaths in women and men. Heart disease can be caused due to heart defects, valve problems, heart infections, weak cardiac muscles, irregular heart beat and cardiovascular disease. There are numerous surgeries through which heart diseases can be treated, and the advances in technology have made it possible to treat these conditions effectively. Read More
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