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Dental Implants Abroad Can Save You up to $3,000

A dental implant in the U.S. costs around $4,000— $3,500 in the U.K. The same procedure can be done in Thailand for as little as $1,500, Turkey: $1,000, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia: $850.

Articles and Guides About Medical Tourism

Keep your finger on the pulse of the Medical Tourism industry with’s new Vital Signs page. Here you can read the most up-to-date Medical Tourism articles, learn about the ins-and-outs of medical travel and find out about all the latest trends of the global healthcare!

Why is this information so valuable to you?  For one thing, Medical Tourism is booming and anyone struggling to afford treatment at home can use the information contained here to get acquainted with their healthcare options overseas.  It’s like a one-stop shop for Medical Tourism resources; a place where patients considering a trip abroad for their medical needs can come to get the low-down.

It’s the ultimate Medical Tourism guide, covering everything from the cost of care in medical holiday hotspots like Thailand and Singapore, to news about popular procedures like dental work and cosmetic surgery, to explanations of what Medical Tourism is exactly, and why you should consider it!

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5 Most Common Alternative Natural Medicine Practices

03 September 2014

Alternative medicine encompasses practices that are believed to heal individuals just as conventional allopathic medicines. They are quite popular, though they do not have a sufficient amount of scientific evidence to back their case. Alternative medicines include practices like Ayurveda, TCM, homeopathy, naturopathy and energy medicine, to name a few. Read More

What is Robotic Surgery? What are its Types and Benefits?

01 September 2014

Advances in technology have made for major breakthrough in the healthcare field, such as the rise of robotic surgeries. These surgeries area conducted by means of surgical tools that are attached onto an ergonomically designed robotic arm, which performs the surgery based on the surgeon's instruction. The surgeon is able to control the movements of the robotic arm by sending out instructions through a console that is linked to the robotic arm. It allows him/her to maneuver the robotic arm, giving a 360 degree freedom of movement and precision. Read More

How Does Surrogacy Work?

19 August 2014

Surrogacy is a means through which a couple or an individual approaches a surrogate who agrees to carry the child till birth as the couple is unable to conceive due to fertility issues or by choice. What makes it different from an adoption is that the surrogate carries the child only after the surrogacy agreements have been made, as opposed to an adoption where the child is already born and the parents just furnish the necessary legal documents to claim their parental rights over the adopted child. Surrogacy has been an effective option for gay couples or those where either of both suffers from infertility issues. Some women are able to achieve pregnancy, but suffer from repeated miscarriages, in which case surrogacy can help. Others find it viable in situations where they have undergone multiple in-vitro cycles to no avail. Read More

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

15 August 2014

Prostate cancer usually occurs in men who are in their 50's or older. It has seen to be more prevalent in the male population of African or African-Caribbean descent, while being scarce in the Asian male population. It can lead to physical problems like urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction. The symptoms usually surface only when the prostrate grows to a position where it can affect the functioning of the urethra. Read More

Laser Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty): Procedure, Cost and Recovery

14 August 2014

The presence of under-eye bags, puffy eyes, wrinkles, droopy eyelids and eyelid hoods are common reasons why people choose to undergo a laser eyelid surgery. The surgery can effectively address signs of aging that become prevalent in and around the eye area. It helps by removing the excess skin or bulging fat pouches that are formed in the under-eye area while also erasing wrinkles. Read More

Benefits and Types of Dental Veneers

04 August 2014

Dental veneers are thin layers or shells of ceramic that are placed onto the tooth's surface to shield the damaged tooth and/or improve its appearance. Veneers can aesthetically enhance the appearance of teeth that suffer from discoloration, damage, fracture or gaps. The veneer material is about one millimeter thick and is carefully placed onto the healthy area of the tooth's surface. Often used in dental reconstruction, veneers can either be fabricated and bonded on to the tooth's surface or molded directly, as the patient's dental structure demands. Veneers help in concealing superficial flaws found on the teeth and can also bring down the teeth's sensitivity to heat, cold or sweets. Read More

Cost of Surrogacy Abroad

01 August 2014

Surrogacy, along with the accompanying infertility treatments, can be quite challenging from a financial point of view. Determining the exact cost of surrogacy is complicated as there are many variants that come into the picture. The overall surrogacy expenses can be broadly classified into the surrogate's fee, medical expenses, surrogate agency and legal fees. Surrogacy and infertility treatments are typically not covered as a part of health insurance. Many couples save for years together, while others borrow from their retirement funds, or bring in funds from home mortgages to be able to afford a surrogacy. Some surrogacy agencies provide financing plans to couples, so they can pay up the overall amount in installments over a period of time, instead of paying up the steep costs upfront. Other payment arrangements could ask of the parents to pay up after the child's birth or in equal installments through the pregnancy. Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulations and What Can It Treat?

30 July 2014

Chinese herbal medicine finds its roots in ancient practices where gatherers and hunters explored the surrounding plants to understand which ones were toxic and which ones had healing abilities. The origin of Chinese herbal medicines can be dated back to nearly 5,000 years, and is now an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In the millennials that followed, Chinese herbal medicines have undergone various transformations to become the well-developed natural holistic healing modality that it is capable of curing various acute and chronic health issues. Read More

Ovulation and Conception, Timing Intercourse for Pregnancy

28 July 2014

Timing is a crucial aspect in the conception process. Of the million eggs that are present in a woman's body from birth, only 300-400 of them are released during ovulation. The one egg that is released every month travels to the uterus from the fallopian tube, where it can be fertilized. Sperms typically survive for nearly 3-5 days, while an egg survives for 12-24 hours. In some very rare cases the egg may survive for three days post ovulation. Since the egg is present in the fallopian tube only during ovulation, timing the intercourse with respect to the ovulation period can help in improving your chances at conception. Read More

Non-surgical Eye Lift Treatment Options

21 July 2014

Individuals with sunken eyes, puffy eyes, eyebags, sagging eyebrows, or wrinkles around the eye area, undergo eyelifts to correct their appearance. Non-surgical eyelifts have grown just as popular as the traditional under-the-knife eyelifts, off late. These eye-lifts are minimally invasive, which ensures that their recovery period is short as well. They are fondly referred to as the lunch-time eyelift, owing to the short duration that it takes to undergo them. Read More
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