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Numerous Thai Hospitals Have Earned Prestigious JCI Accreditation

And the first to meet Joint Commission International standards in the whole of Asia was Bangkok’s celebrated Bumrungrad International Hospital, meaning it was the first Asian facility to pass muster in over 350 international standards on their rigorous checklist.

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Cost of Dental Crowns, The Breakdown and Additional Costs Involved

23 February 2015

Dental crowns are also termed as "caps" and their main function is to keep the damaged teeth functioning normally. Dental crowns are also used for protecting cracked teeth and replacing an existing crown. Dentists provide a protective cover to a broken/damaged tooth with the help of a crown made with customized materials.

Benefits of dental crowns

Dental Crowns offer the dual benefits of restoring oral health and teeth aesthetics. The structure of the tooth is reinforced and the smile looks more natural and appealing again. Majority of the crowns are customized so that they blend smoothly into every patient’s distinct smile. They are crafted very carefully to match the color, shape, texture and size of the remaining teeth. The objective is to restore the original biting movement of the patient.

Making of a dental crown

The patient’s tooth needs to undergo some preparation for the development of a custom crown, which involves creating a mold. The dentist then uses temporary restoration for protecting the tooth till the final crown is made for placing it on the tooth.

In certain cases, artificial teeth are secured by using dental crowns. Crowns are also sometimes hooked to dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth. The procedure for placing a dental crown typically requires two visits, which can be scheduled over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. However, several practices offer same-day treatments too.

Dental crown placement procedure

The procedure starts with the preparation of the crown where a dentist creates a mold impression of the teeth and sends it across to a dental lab.

He then makes a customized temporary crown, which can be used to offer temporary protection to the tooth till the permanent crown is being created in the laboratory. After it is made, the crown is attached (either cemented or bonded with adhesive) in the next visit.

Some of the popular countries where medical tourists can get dental crowns include Hungary. It is known for its advanced medical technology and different dental procedures such as root canals and dental crowns cost 40 to 60 percent less as compared to other western countries. Other popular destinations for the treatment are Poland, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Czech Republic.

Cost of procedure

Though the concept of a dental crown placement procedure for protection and restoration of a damaged tooth is pretty simple, it involves several variables and the experience of each patient is bound to be unique. So the costs are likely to fluctuate from one patient to another. The cost of the procedure depends on different factors such as the preparation process, number of crowns required, material utilized for making the crown and so on. Majority of health insurance carriers compensation for at least some part of the expense involved in dental crowns. However, the overall price is definitely a factor to be considered when the various options for the patient are reviewed.

If the patient wants to get an idea about the approximate expense involved in the dental crown procedure, a consultation with a dentist is the ideal way to get the right information. However, the patient needs to be careful while selecting a dentist. A dentist who charges less may be using poor quality of material for making the crown, which can eventually cause discomfort and increase the expenditure in the long run.

Cost breakdown

Apart from the actual crown, there are certain additional costs which are involved in the treatment. Typically, patients are also required to pay for the below mentioned services in the dental crown procedure:

    • The dental exam, approximate cost: $40-$120
    • Dental x-rays, approximate cost: $20-150
    • Cost of materials to create dental crown and treatment, approximate cost: $500-$2,500 per tooth
    • Root canal procedure, approximate cost: $750-$1,000 per tooth
    • Placement of dental implant: $1,500-$2,000 per tooth

In total, the cost of dental crown is ranging between USD 600 – 2,000. However, the overall expense of the treatment can be minimized with the help of dental insurance.

Several top international medical care destinations can help you save a lot of expense on dental treatments like getting a dental crown. For instance, the cost of implants in the West is around 3,000 to 5,000 US dollars. However in the top rated dental facilities in India, you would have to pay only about 600 to 800 dollars for the same.

Similarly a dental crown for fixing a damaged tooth in Australia may cost you around $1,200. It may cost around 200 to 300 dollars in Thailand. Medical tourism destinations where you can save up on a lot of money on dental procedures include India, Thailand, Singapore and other Asian nations.

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