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According to the 2013 World Luxury Hotel Awards, eforea: Spa at Hilton, Hilton Pattaya and Spa Intercontinential, Bangkok are the best luxury hotel spa in Thailand. The country constantly represents for medical tourism, so these facility are the best of the best. 

Medical Tourism Articles

Male Rhinoplasty: Where to Go for Affordable Prices?

19 February 2015

The number of plastic surgeries that are undergone by men are on the rise. Over 204,146 cases of men partaking in cosmetic procedures in 2012. Male Rhinoplasty happened to be the most popular cosmetic procedure accounting for 61,771 cases. A male rhinoplasty helps balance the proportions of the various facial features with respect to the nose, to improve its aesthetic appearance. In some cases, a rhinoplasty is carried out to clear an obstructed airway that impairs breathing functionality in the individual.

The cost of rhinoplasty in the US is about $4,545 according to the statistics from American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Also, it is the average cost that does not include additional expenses from operating facility and anesthesia fee. Rhinoplasty is typically not covered under health insurance when it is performed for cosmetic enhancements. However, it may be covered under insurance in cases where it is performed for reconstructive reasons to enhance the functionality of the nasal structure. The steep costs of rhinoplasty procedures in the US have made many men look at alternate cost-friendly medical tourism countries such as Hungary, South Korea, Thailand, Spain and Panama for the same, as they give them access to first-class cosmetic surgeon at affordable rates.

What can you expect from a rhinoplasty?

    • The size of the nose in relation to the remaining facial structure
    • The width of the nose with respect to the nostril position and size or that of the bridge
    • Nasal structure with depressions or humps on the nose bridge
    • Wide, upturned or large nostrils
    • Dropping, hooked, bulbous or upturned nasal tips
    • Asymmetrical nasal structure

Rhinoplasty procedure

The structure of the nasal structure differs between men and women. Men have stronger cartilage and bones, with thicker skin, and a structure that is 10 percent larger than women. Due to this, the nature of the rhinoplasty slightly varies.

Rhinoplasty is an out-patient procedure that takes about one or two hours. The surgery can be conducted using an open or closed technique. Patients are administered a local or a general anesthetic before the surgery. In an open technique, the surgeon makes an incision in the region in between the nostrils across it. It allows them to easily work on the internal structure to achieve the desired results. With a closed technique, the surgeon does not have to make any incisions on the nasal structure's exterior tissues. It allows the nose to heal quicker when compared to open techniques where the swelling takes some time to subside.

During the rhinoplasty, the surgeon tries to make incisions on the nostrils' inner rims to reduce scarring for the most part. He/she separates the soft tissues from the nasal structure under, then reshapes the bone or cartilage of the nasal structure so it achieves the desired appearance. The surgeon can narrow or widen the nostrils, as desired, during the surgery. The surgeon may place a packing or nasal splint to support the surgically modified structure and protect it from any damage while it heals.

Post-op care

You may experience a small amount of pain in the operated area, however mild analgesics should help control it. Stitches are usually self-dissolving, while stitches made to close the incision between the nostrils are usually removed in 3-5 days. The surgeon should remove the nasal splint within the first week. You may experience slight numbness in the surgical area in the first few days. Any post-surgical swelling that is present should subside after the first few weeks, although it may take a year before you start appreciating the results of the nose job. The cosmetically enhanced nose will take time to gradually refine through these months, and set into the desired form.

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