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Weight Loss Surgery is a Snip in Costa Rica

In the US a gastric bypass costs around $30,000, but travel to sunny Costa Rica and the same procedure costs around $12,000!

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Stomach Band Surgery: Procedure, Cost and Benefits

17 February 2015

Statistics reveal that about 400 million of the adult population around the world suffers from obesity while there are one billion people who are reported to be overweight. Over 80 percent of individuals who have Type-2 diabetes are overweight or obese. Individuals who are obese or overweight, also face a higher risk of cardiac disease.

It's not new that increased body weight also means increased blood pressure. Researchers say that individuals who lose even just 10 pounds, bring down their blood pressure reasonably. Obesity also leads to metabolic and endocrine disorders. A whopping 47 million American citizens are affected by metabolic syndrome. All these figures show how crucial it is to combat obesity to be healthy. Bariatric surgeries have become a viable means through which overweight people can lose weight; stomach band surgery is considered as one of the common bariatric surgeries.

Benefits of a stomach band surgery

Stomach band surgery, more commonly known as gastric band surgery, is a procedure that aids weight loss by restricting the stomach capacity with the placement of a band that in turn curbs the appetite. In fact, gastric banding can allow for excess weight to be cut down by nearly 40 percent. However, the results usually vary from one patient to the other. Gastric banding procedures are considered as one of the most safe and least invasive among bariatric surgeries.

Stomach band surgery procedure

During a stomach banding surgery, the surgeon laparoscopically places a silicone band that can be adjusted on the stomach's upper part, thereby dividing it into two sections - a small pouch above and a large pouch below. This automatically reduces the quantity of food that the stomach can hold. A surgical tube is placed along the length of the gastric silicone band onto a device that is placed under the skin. Through this, the surgeon can inject or remove saline water from the gastric silicone band so the saline water flows through the skin's surface to adjust the band. When the surgeon has to tighten the band, he/she injects saline water, while he removes saline water to tighten it. Through this, the band's width can be easily manipulated in line with weight improvements in the patient, while reducing side effects as well. In fact, modifying the gastric band width is usually done during the follow-up session.

Stomach band surgery cost

The costs of stomach band surgeries vary world over. The costs are between US$10,000 and US$33,000 in the US, averaging about US$15,410. In Canada, the procedural costs are between US$15,400 and US$17,700.. Medical facilities in the UK charge approximately £6,000 for stomach band surgeries. On the other hand, the average costs in some places such as Mexico is USD 5,800. It has made Mexico a preferred medical tourism destination for bariatric surgeries.

Thailand, Greece, Costa Rica, Brazil and China are other popular destinations for medical tourism around the globe that have made name for their cost-effective gastric band surgeries. More and more patients are traveling to these countries for their stomach band surgeries, as they can undergo the procedure only for a fraction of the costs back home, while they are also assured of the same quality of care and treatment abroad. These destinations also serve as holiday spots for patients after surgery, allowing them to receive quality medical care and a vacation at once for a reasonable price.

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