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Teeth Cleaning Cost and Procedure

29 January 2015

Most adults aged over 40, suffer from tooth loss due to gum disease. Gum disease can be prevented by undergoing periodical teeth cleaning sessions at the dental clinic. The teeth usually develop plaque - a thin film on the surface over time. The plaque normally develops due to the presence of bacteria in both food and the saliva. While you can remove most of the plaque by brushing your teeth, some portion remains on the teeth, asking for dental intervention.

Mineralized plaque or dental tartar cannot be addressed with your everyday dental regime at home. Furthermore, it can lead to gingivitis and tooth decay, if left unattended, as it is packed with harmful bacteria. The only way you can remove the inaccessible plaque depositions is through a teeth cleaning process at a professional dental facility.

How is dental cleaning done?

During a teeth cleaning visit, the dentist will address the two predominant causes of tooth decay and gum disease - accumulation of tartar, and surfaces on the teeth that allow tartar accumulation. For this, the dentist has to smooth the surface to prevent potential tartar buildup in teeth crevices. In some circumstances, the tartar build-up may be severe due to which the dentist may have to carry out a debridement. Else the tartar presence can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and other serious dental problems.

The techniques used by dentists for the teeth cleaning procedure may vary. Most dentists carry out tooth polishing, wherein the teeth are smoothed and brightened by means of a prophy cup. The dentist then removes excess calculus and plaque that accumulate on the teeth, through debridement to restore optimal oral health in the patient. The teeth cleaning process could take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

In cases where the pockets that surround the teeth are over 3mm deep, a non-surgical deep-cleaning procedure may be suggested. The dental procedure includes root planning and scaling. The dentist first removes the tartar and plaque that has developed around the gum line through scaling. He/she then smoothes the root's rough spots to remove any prevalent bacteria, and to allow the gums to have a clean surface for the teeth to reattach. The patient is typically administered local anesthesia during this process. It requires anywhere between two and four visits at dental clinics with each of them spanning about 45 minutes.

How much does dental cleaning cost?

The cost of teeth cleaning is a common question asked by many individuals, and we understand why. Over 130 million citizens in the US, which translates to nearly one-third of the whole population, do not have a dental insurance. Then again, the cost of teeth cleaning varies from one dental clinic to another, and one country to another. It is crucial that patients ask their dental professional as to what their dental cleaning procedure includes, as the cost varies based on this factor. For instance, some dentists may include X-rays and dental examination as part of the basic teeth cleaning procedure, while few of them might not.

A standard dental cleaning procedure in the US costs about $75 to $ 200. These costs can vary based on the geographical location and the dentist's experience. With the addition of a dental exam and X-rays, the costs could go up to $100 to $300. A basic dental clean-up in Thailand is a reasonable $30-$45. The average teeth cleaning prices in India stands at $90 for every $300 you shell out for the same procedure in the US. Full-mouth deep cleaning procedures can sometimes cost nearly $500-$4,000 in the US depending on the amount of work needed. Patients find that it is far more reasonable to seek such dental cleaning procedures in other dental tourism destinations like Thailand, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hungary and Malaysia as the prices here are affordable while they also receive top-notch treatment with no waiting period.

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