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Numerous Thai Hospitals Have Earned Prestigious JCI Accreditation

And the first to meet Joint Commission International standards in the whole of Asia was Bangkok’s celebrated Bumrungrad International Hospital, meaning it was the first Asian facility to pass muster in over 350 international standards on their rigorous checklist.

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Forehead Reduction Surgery: The Procedure, Cost & Recovery

29 November 2014

A large forehead or one that is positioned high can make the other facial features appear unflattering. In fact, many individuals feel insecure and self-conscious because of this. While a number of factors like hair loss, genetics or previous surgeries may have caused the forehead to appear relatively large or positioned high, it can be easily corrected by means of a forehead reduction surgery to balance the features and enhance the overall appearance.

How is the surgery performed?

During a forehead reduction procedure, the hairline is moved forward while reducing the forehead-space. The surgeon excises a small strip of the forehead skin that lies in front of the high hairline. The incision is made a little behind the present hairline and is closed with surgical sutures. The incision leaves a scar along the hairline, and the hair will eventually grow on the scar, covering it, while advancing the hairline to make the forehead appear smaller. The surgical sutures are usually removed within a week or so from the time of the surgery. The procedure takes about one and a half hours.

The hairline can be advanced anywhere between 1.5 cm and 2.5 cm, depending on the surgical goals that you would have discussed with the surgeon during your initial consultation. Sometimes the surgeon may combine the forehead reduction procedure with a hair grafting procedure or hair transplantation. This is especially suggested by male patients, to lower the present hairline. With most women a simple forehead reduction surgery should suffice. However, a hair-grafting technique might be implemented to give the hairline a better shape and have it appear rounder.

How long is the post-op recovery period?

Just as in the case of other cosmetic surgeries, forehead reduction surgeries have associated downtime as well. The duration of time that it takes for the scar to heal varies from one individual to the other. It heals within a couple of weeks in some patients while it takes three to six months in most cases. The recovery period is short, allowing individuals to get back to work within a few days. It is natural to experience a small amount of discomfort and pain in the days following surgery. Your surgeon may ask you to place your head in an elevated position and apply ice packs or cold compresses to reduce any swelling that may be present. Typically, you should be able to get back to your everyday activities within a week or two. However, make sure you do not engage in strenuous physical exercise or activity during the first six weeks.

How much does it cost?

The surgery is typically carried out in two phases, but this again depends on the practitioner. Two-stage surgeries go at $8,000-$15,000 in the US, while single-stage procedures cost $5,000-$9,000. Say, the surgeon transplants hair grafts during the procedure, you could end up spending $2-$5 for each graft, requiring about 750-1500 grafts on an average. Due to the high costs, many individuals are looking elsewhere for affordable forehead reduction surgeries. Thailand, Taiwan, Barbados, Mexico and Turkey have grown globally popular for their cosmetic surgery clinics that offer forehead reduction surgeries at reasonable prices. The surgeons in these medical facilities are accustomed to using state-of-the-art technology and equipment that helps render the desired effects with minimally invasive surgical techniques, while ensuring that the scars are unnoticeable and heal completely in the weeks following surgery. Furthermore, the prices at which these surgeries are conducted here are extremely affordable, which is why more and more individuals are flying from around the globe to these medical tourism destinations to undergo first-class forehead reduction surgeries and unwind after on their medical holiday.

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